Religion & Faith Program Staff

MacArthur H. Flournoy

Rev. MacArthur Flournoy is our Director of Faith Partnerships and Mobilization. In addition to his current work at HRC developing a training tool for coalition building in support of intersectional justice, he served as the Faith Director for Marylanders for Marriage Equality and has more than thirty years of non-profit management experience serving local government, state and federal governments.

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Lisbeth Melendez Rivera

Lisbeth Melendez Rivera is the Religion and Faith Program’s Director of Latino and Catholic Initiatives. Before joining us full-time, she was working closely with our program for two years as the National Coordinator for the A la Familia project, training and empowering Latino/as throughout the country around LGBT issues. She envisioned and directed Before God: We Are All Family, a powerful short documentary that she has shared with Latino/a communities across the country. As the Director of Latino and Catholic Initiatives, Lisbeth will deepen the already impressive reach of her work with Latino/a communities and will in addition help us to develop and implement Catholic engagement work across the organization.

Joseph Ward

Joseph Ward joins us as the Associate Director of the Religion and Faith Program, Programmatic Development. He brings to this work over half a decade of executive management experience as the executive director of Believe Out Loud, an online network that empowers Christians working for LGBTQ equality and Many Voices, a Black church movement for LGBT justice among others. In addition to managerial experience working with national faith movements, he has a strong background in communications and has implemented dozens of comprehensive communications projects and managed teams through the process. Like all on the Religion and Faith team, he shares a particular calling to support our work with communities of color and to foster dialogue in conservative faith communities.

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Michael Toumayan

Michael Toumayan serves as the Religion and Faith Program Manager. Michael joined HRC in 2012 and has overseen the Religion and Faith Program’s publications and spearheaded much of the work with minority religious communities in the United States. He has identified new partnerships and strengthened relationships with faith leaders, particularly in U.S. Muslim, Orthodox Christian and non-Abrahamic religious communities.

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Justin Davis

Justin Davis is our Religion and Faith Program Assistant. Before joining HRC in the Fall of 2014, Justin has worked as an administrator and consultant with both international and domestic faith-based non-profit organizations in Durham and Raleigh, North Carolina. He studied Religion at Baylor University with a focus on Christian Ethics with a specialized interest on marginalized communities and has been an open advocate for LGBT people of faith and institutional dialogue.