The Interfaith Health Equity Alliance Roundtable (IHEAR) was created to convene faith leaders that are committed to ending HIV stigma and discrimination in their communities. We aim to expand and strengthen the network of advocates committed to creating a healthier world for everyone.

The Interfaith Health Equity Alliance Roundtable is a network of faith leaders committed to providing educational resources and tools to eradicate HIV stigma and discrimination. We aim to empower other faith leaders to tackle health inequities disproportionately impacting their communities and improve overall health outcomes for everybody and everyone.

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IHEAR Advisory Council

  • Elder Carmarion D. Anderson-Harvey

  • Father Vernon Huguley

  • Reverend Dr. Anthonette Wright-Cochrane

  • Reverend Dr. Tommie Lee Watkins

  • Pastor Justin Jones

  • Reverend Dr. JC Howard

  • Reverend Dr. Nathaniel Brooks

  • Cary Goodman

  • Reverend Bessie Bell

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