Modeling Inclusion: HBCUs and LGBTQ+ Support

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The Human Rights Campaign partnered with The Rutgers Center for Minority Serving Institutions to release ‘Modeling Inclusion: HBCUs and LGBTQ+ Support,” a research brief examining the ground-breaking steps that Historically Black Colleges and Universities are taking to establish LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices on their campuses.

The research brief highlights several institutions — including Bowie State University, North Carolina Central University, Spelman College, and other HBCUs — that are doing exemplary work in this regard and includes a list of recommendations on how to create LGBTQ+ inclusive campus environments.

The report explores four critical areas that foster an environment of equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ students:

  • Institutional admissions
  • Health and wellness
  • Student life and student engagement
  • Housing

While much of the findings in “Modeling Inclusion” are inspiring and outstanding, the research brief also finds that there is much work left to be done before all LGBTQ+ students at HBCUs can feel safe and welcomed at their respective institutions. According to the brief, many HBCUs are still grappling with enacting policies that provide holistic support to LGBTQ+ students. “Modeling Inclusions” makes recommendations which HBCUs can implement to better provide holistic support for LGBTQ+ students.


Modeling Inclusion: HBCUs and LGBTQ+ Support

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