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Yes/Full Tier Credit Partial Tier Credit No/No Tier Credit

Criteria 1

Non-Discrimination and Staff Training

Partially supports:

The Non-Discrimination and Staff Training criterion represents policies and practices that are considered foundational to LGBTQ+ resident-centered care. These questions assess whether a community has LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and whether the community shares these policies with the public and its residents and staff. All questions in this section are scored and must be met in order for a community to achieve a Tier of Recognition.


Resident Non-Discrimination

Supports: Resident Non-Discrimination Policy is LGBTQ+ inclusive

Does not support: Resident Non-Discrimination Policy is communicated

Visitation Non-Discrimination

Supports: Visitation Policy is LGBTQ+ inclusive

Does not support: Visitation Policy is communicated

Employment Non-Discrimination

Supports: Employment Non-Discrimination Policy is LGBTQ+ inclusive

Supports: Employment Non-Discrimination Policy is communicated

LGBTQ+ Executive Briefing

Supports: LGBTQ client-centered care training for executive leadership

Criteria 2

Resident Services and Support

Partially supports:

This criteria section includes a wide variety of best practice recommendations drawn from federal nursing home regulations under the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), guidance from the National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, and additional research and reports regarding the needs of LGBTQ+ older people living in long-term care and senior housing communities. This section asks about best practices such as inclusive intake forms, an LGBTQ+ inclusive rooming policy, and commemorating an LGBTQ+ day of significance for residents.

Criteria 3

Employee Benefits and Policies

Does not support:

This criteria section is designed to familiarize communities with best practices to promote equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ employees. It is critical that LGBTQ+ employees, like LGBTQ+ residents, receive equal treatment, particularly vis-à-vis health-related benefits and policies.


Employee Benefits & Policies

Does not support: Benefits and policies promote equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ employees.

Transgender Inclusive Health Insurance

Does not support: Provides at least one health plan that covers medically necessary services for transgender people, including gender transition-related treatment.

Criteria 4

Resident and Community Engagement


This criteria section helps long-term care and senior housing communities understand the needs of LGBTQ+ residents and community members and focuses on outreach and promotion to the LGBTQ+ community to let them know that the organization is a welcoming and affirming community.

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