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Inspired by the incredible work being done across five continents, HRC launched its inaugural Global Innovative Advocacy Summit in March 2016. Since its inception, the Global Summit has brought together 190+ established and emerging advocates from more than 80 countries for the exchange of ideas and practices for advancing LGBTQ+ equality. In in-person and online convenings, these Global Innovators, working together with HRC staff, showcase projects and approaches that impact the lives of LGBTQ+ people in their countries and communities.

The Global Summit provides a forum to exchange ideas for advancing LGBTQ+ equality and an opportunity to meet with key policymakers and supporters of global equality.

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2020 Global Summit

Due to COVID-19, HRC held its first-ever Virtual Global Innovative Advocacy Summit. The four-month long event brought together 31 Global Innovators from 25 different countries for informational coffee chats, workshops and discussions. During these virtual convenings, they discussed a range of topics—from how to strengthen their organizations by acquiring more members and supporters, to engaging allies from the business community and people of faith, and knowing how to utilize legal advocacy and litigation—all to advance global equality.

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2019 Global Summit

In April 2019, HRC brought 29 talented leaders from 27 different countries who are driving LGBTQ+ equality internationally to Washington, D.C. for four full days of learning, sharing and connecting with each other and HRC. Participants shared personal and professional experiences and ideas to help them in their efforts to engage key stakeholders and allies in improving the lives of LGBTQ+ people in their countries.

2018 Global Summit

In April 2018, HRC brought 31 of the most impressive and creative advocates for LGBTQ+ equality in the world to Washington, D.C. for its third annual Global Summit. Over four days, the Global Innovators took part in intense discussions with each other and HRC staff on innovative ways to advance LGBTQ+ equality. They shared ideas, best practices and unique approaches to effectively build movements and advocate for equality, whether that’s through family, community or across borders.

2017 Global Summit

In April 2017, HRC welcomed 30 remarkable Global Innovators from 28 different countries across five continents to Washington, D.C. for its second annual Global Summit. Over three days, the Global Innovators showcased projects and approaches that have advanced equality, particularly around daily themes of storytelling, innovating and advocating.

HRC Global Innovative Advocacy Summit
HRC Global Innovative Advocacy Summit
HRC Global Innovative Advocacy Summit
HRC Global Innovative Advocacy Summit

Read the report from our 2017 Global Summit

The 2017 Global Summit Report gives more detail about the organization and themes from the Global Summit and backgrounds of the Global Innovators. Download and read our 2017 report here.

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HRC Global Innovative Advocacy Summit
HRC Global Innovative Advocacy Summit

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2016 Global Summit

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