Bi+ Youth Report

Produced by the HRC Foundation

HRC Foundation, in partnership with the University of Connecticut, released the 2019 Bi+ Youth Report, a groundbreaking resource detailing the experiences of bisexual, pansexual, queer and sexually fluid (bi+) LGBTQ+ youth.

The report, which analyzes responses from nearly 9,000 young people who participated in HRC’s online 2017 LGBTQ+ Teen Survey, reveals elevated levels of stress among these 13-to-17-year-olds, as well as an overwhelming lack of comfort in being open about their identity at home and in school.

HRC and researchers at the University of Connecticut found that:

  • Bi+ youth are far less likely to be out about their identities to people in their lives -- including family, friends, doctors, teachers and peers -- compared to gay and lesbian youth;

  • 68% of bi+ youth report being teased or treated poorly because of their sexual orientation;

  • Just 13% of bi+ youth received information about safer sex that is relevant to their identity;

  • 58% of transgender & gender-expansive youth identify as bi+; and

  • Only 11% of bi+ youth of color think their racial/ethnic group is regarded positively or very positively in the U.S.

The U.S. lacks reliable data about LGBTQ+ people, especially about the experiences of bi+ youth. Supportive parents, school administrators, teachers, counselors and other youth-serving professionals play an essential role in the lives of bi+ youth. These findings will inform a variety of HRC Foundation programs for youth and youth-serving professionals, including the HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools and All Children-All Families programs; and the Time to THRIVE conference.

2019 Bi+ Youth Report

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