Pro LGBTQ+ Organizations Slam Dangerous, False Advertisements That Harm Transgender Children

by HRC Staff

Lansing, MICHIGAN — Today, ten pro LGBTQ+ organizations condemned the false advertisements released by the Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children that include misinformation about Proposal 3. The organizations include the Human Rights Campaign, ACLU of Michigan, Affirmations, Equality Michigan Action Network, Gender-identity Network Alliance, Great Lakes Bay Pride, Grand Rapids Pride Center, LGBT Detroit, OutFront Kzoo, and Stand with Trans. Proposal 3 would establish a right to access reproductive health care, including abortion, in the Michigan Constitution. The proposed amendment does not address gender affirming care and would not change the status quo.

Human Rights Campaign Michigan State Director Amritha Venkataraman released the following statement:

"The outright false claims in the anti-Proposal 3 ad paid for by the Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children are designed to intentionally mislead voters by spreading lies about transgender children, their health care and their health care providers. The LGBTQ+ community has always faced attacks from anti-LGBTQ+ politicians and activists trying to mislead voters – this is merely the latest iteration. These discriminatory ads ignore the facts, such as how Proposal 3 does not even address gender affirming care. What we’re seeing today is nothing more than a new chapter in a lethal playbook that simultaneously attacks LGBTQ+ rights and abortion rights. Proposal 3 protects the right to abortion - do not fall for their lies."

Equality Michigan Action Network Executive Director Erin Knott released the following statement:

"In a desperate attempt to change the tide on abortion rights, Proposal 3 opponents once again turned to bogus child protections claims to misinform voters. The facts belie their claims, and opposition groups, like Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children, created a campaign ad designed to trick voters, scaring them with falsehoods. Proposal 3 opponents need to answer for their transphobic scare tactic and vile attack ads, which have been repeatedly debunked by legal experts. Proposal 3 is about reproductive freedom and does not address gender affirming care for transgender youth."

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