ICYMI: Relentless Government Attacks on Health Care for Transgender People Leave Them Reeling

by Delphine Luneau

Forced Detransition Already A Terrifying Reality in Some States as Washington Post Report Highlights How Anti-Transgender Rhetoric and Policies Have Ratcheted Up in State Capitals Across Country

An in-depth piece out today from reporter Casey Parks in The Washington Post shines a light on the escalating legislative and administrative attacks against health care access for transgender people in states around the country – attacks that have in some cases led to people going without medically necessary care for months on end.

Parks notes that there have been “a record number of proposals that could significantly reshape the way transgender people live their lives. Republican-dominated legislatures have already enacted more than 100 laws to limit LGBTQ+ rights over the past few years, but most affected adolescents and schools. Now, policymakers are increasingly turning their focus to adults.”

The report features heart-wrenching stories from transgender people who are wondering if their access to needed medication – medication that in many cases they’ve been relying upon for years – will be taken from them by lawmakers or administrative officials inserting themselves into decisions that should take place between patients and their medical providers.

“My life before testosterone, I was not happy. And now I finally get to live a good life. I have come so far and found so much happiness. The thought of detransitioning because of lack of access is the worst thing that could possibly happen to me.” – Charlie Adams, a transgender resident of Missouri whose access to medication is under threat from pending legislation

Life isn’t living. It’s just surviving at this point.” – Spike Poma, a transgender resident of Florida who has gone without access to his testosterone prescription for seven months due to discriminatory legislation

We’re under attack across virtually every aspect of our lives, and each new day is bringing with it some new escalation.” – Logan Casey, trans Missourian and senior researcher at the Movement Advancement Project

“We take an oath. I would without hesitation treat any person regardless of their beliefs, and I did when I worked in the ER. It hurts that even though all my intentions are good, even for someone who hates me, and I’d never want them denied care, they are trying to make it legal for people to deny me care.” – Charlie Adams

Meanwhile, anti-equality lawmakers and advocacy groups are increasingly comfortable saying that they want to interfere with necessary medical care for people of all ages:

“There is no such thing as gender-affirming care. You can’t affirm something that doesn’t exist.” – Republican Ohio state Sen. Kristina Roegner in a January speech on the Senate floor

“In terms of endgame, why are we allowing these practices for anyone? If we are going to stop this for anyone under 18, why not apply it for anyone over 18?” – Republican Michigan state Rep. Josh Schriver, in an online discussion with other conservative lawmakers

Read the full story in The Washington Post.

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