Human Rights Campaign Condemns Governor Stitt for Signing Anti-Equality Legislation

by HRC Staff

Today, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) — the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) civil rights organization — condemned Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt for signing S.B. 1100, a bill that eliminates inclusive gender markers from official documents. Already this year, Governor Stitt has signed legislation, S.B. 2 that prohibits transgender students from playing school sports consistent with their gender identity. It excludes all transgender girls from participating in school athletics, increasing their isolation and denying them the social, physical and emotional benefits of sports. It does so despite the fact that banning transgender girls from participating in school sports programs solves nothing and in fact causes great harm. These bills signed by Governor Stitt, and those additional anti-equality bills being pushed in the House and Senate, go directly against the views of a majority of Oklahomans as polling from PRRI shows that 75% of Oklahomans support expanding LGBTQ+ rights including protections from discrimination.

Governor Stitt and the anti-equality legislators are prohibiting non-binary identity markers to try and erase the identity of transgender and non-binary people. Oklahomans, and people across the country, are outraged at this continued assault on the LGBTQ+ community. Instead of trying to solve the many problems that plague the state, Governor Stitt and his anti-equality allies in the state house have repeatedly and successfully legislated discrimination at the expense of our most vulnerable. They should be ashamed of their actions and of themselves. Members of the LGBTQ+ community should not have their identities erased, they should be given the chance to be their whole selves and supported, not targeted by the community around them. The Human Rights Campaign condemns these actions wholeheartedly and demands the state house cease movement on any further discriminatory bills.

Cathryn Oakley, Human Rights Campaign State Legislative Director and Senior Counsel

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