BREAKING: South Dakota Rejects Gov. Noem’s Changes, Kills Anti-Trans Sports Bill

by Wyatt Ronan

SOUTH DAKOTA — Today, the South Dakota legislature voted to kill the changes made by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s style-and-form veto of HB 1217, the anti-transgender sports ban bill that she had previously expressed excitement about signing. While this temporarily ends the threat of this legislation, Governor Noem has threatened a special session to address this made up problem. Noem took objection to the inclusion of collegiate sports in the participation ban, citing fears of economic repercussions due to the NCAA’s previous threats to pull tournaments and events from states that pass anti-LGBTQ and specifically anti-transgender laws. Noem also feared potential litigation — a burden that would fall on taxpayers to fund, calling the bill “a trial-lawyer’s dream.” A similar bill is currently facing litigation in Idaho. Noem’s earlier backtrack, by even an extreme governor with national political aspirations, exposes the economic, legal, and reputational threats these bills pose to other states considering anti-transgender legislation.

The legislative fight to pass discriminatory anti-transgender legislation has been fast and furious, led by national groups aiming to stymie LGBTQ progress made on the national level and in many states. There are so far 192 anti-LGBTQ bills under consideration in state legislatures across the country. Of those, 93 directly target transgender people and about half of those would, like HB 1217, ban transgender girls and women from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity.

“Let this be a lesson to governors considering anti-transgender legislation: anti-transgender bills are too much of a risk even for one of the country’s most extreme governors. This bill, in addition to being dangerous and discriminatory, posed a serious threat to South Dakota in the way of economic, legal, and reputational harms. For all of her rhetorical support of this dangerous legislation, Governor Noem’s concerns about this bill were serious and valid and the legislature should have never sent it to her desk. Even Governor Noem saw the writing on the wall, and other governors considering putting their states at risk should take heed of this warning. Transgender kids are kids. They deserve the chance to play. Governor Noem should know that calling a special session to continue this legislative fight would be a waste of valuable legislative time and energy that should be used to address the real and serious problems the state of South Dakota faces in the midst of challenging times like these.”

Alphonso David, Human Rights Campaign President

Gov. Noem’s winding path from “excited to sign” to a veto

Noem held a press conference standing alongside known anti-LGBTQ extremists to justify her veto

  • In a press conference, Governor Noem announced the creation of a coalition to “Defend Title IX Now” which appears to be a national list-building exercise by Noem, with a website created a day earlier by someone in Ohio (coincidentally, Governor Noem’s campaign website was created by Ohio political consultants The Aventine Group). This website’s “paid for by” disclaimer refers to a committee that was not yet registered with the Federal Election Commission or the South Dakota Secretary of State’s office.
  • When asked in the press conference why she was pressing a ban on transgender student athletes when there are no transgender players currently competing in secondary school sports in South Dakota, Gov. Noem replied “it’s an issue because people are talking about it and for the future.”
  • Among the speakers in today’s press conference was former NFL player Jack Brewer who, in March of 2020, said that he opposed President Barack Obama for “normaliz[ing] the black gay culture.”
  • Noem said of HB 1217, that it was a “trial lawyer’s dream” that would open the state to litigation in its current form and expressed concern for NCAA repercussions, saying “if we’re going beyond [K-12] to the collegiate level...just know that we could face retaliation — it’s more than likely, and at that point, we would have to sue, which is a cost to the taxpayers.”

From praise to condemnation from anti-equality extremist groups

  • When announcing her support for signing the legislation, Noem quote-tweeted the American Principles Project.
  • But only weeks later, American Principles Project shared their condemnation of Governor Noem’s style-and-form veto of HB 1217, saying that she “[broke] her word,” “[froze] out advocates of HB 1217 and instead [took] advice from the bill’s most vocal critics,” and that “[b]y standing with Joe Biden and the radical left against protecting women’s sports, Noem has irreparably damaged her standing with both her own constituents as well as Americans nationally... This betrayal will have political consequences.”
  • The Alliance Defending Freedom, a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group, went from support to condemnation as well, saying in a statement that Governor Noem “abuse[d]” her veto power to “cave to ‘woke’ corporate ideology.” They similarly called Noem’s actions a “betrayal” and characterized today’s press conference as damage control to rehabilitate her “credibility and political image.”
  • In reaction to today’s press conference, Sean Davis, co-founder of the conservative publication The Federalist tweeted: “Stop making excuses and insulting everyone’s intelligence and sign the bill already. This is embarrassing.”

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