#AM_Equality October 8, 2020

by HRC Staff

HRC releases Congressional Scorecard for 116th Congress; HRC President Alphonso David responds to lack of LGBTQ questions asked at Vice Presidential debate

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HRC RELEASES CONGRESSIONAL SCORECARD FOR THE 116TH CONGRESS: “While Donald Trump and Mike Pence have spent the past four years unleashing relentless attacks on the LGBTQ community, the last two years have seen the development of a critical backstop with the pro-equality majority in the U.S. House of Representatives,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “Today, HRC released its Congressional Scorecard for the 116th Congress, an important tool to understand your elected officials’ records on issues that impact the LGBTQ community and society’s most marginalized.” More from HRC and The Hill.

ICYMI -- PENCE CRITICIZED AT VP DEBATES FOR COVID-19 RESPONSE, HEALTH CARE POLICY YET NO QUESTION ASKED ON ANTI-LGBTQ RECORD: “Susan Page had the opportunity to highlight the stark contrast between Mike Pence — the Vice President with the longest and most problematically anti-LGBTQ record in decades — and Kamala Harris, a true champion of our community,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “Unfortunately for the 57 million Equality Voters and 11 million LGBTQ voters eager to hear from the candidates on these issues, Page did not ask any questions about the candidates’ LGBTQ records — a disservice to voters across the country.” More from the Washington Blade and The Advocate.

THURSDAY FEATURE -- FATAL VIOLENCE AGAINST TRANSGENDER AND GENDER NON-CONFORMING AMERICANS TIES ALL-TIME RECORD: “More accurate reporting may be a factor in the high number of deaths that we have tracked,” HRC Director of Community Engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative Tori Cooper (@MsToriCooper1) told NBC. “But we are also at an extremely vitriolic period, where hate is fueled even from our nation’s highest office.” More from NBC.

HRC JOINS 150 CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS TO SEND LETTER IN OPPOSITION OF SUPREME COURT NOMINEE AMY CONEY BARRETT: “Judge Barrett’s extreme record on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, along with her ideologically driven writings and speeches, demonstrate that she is incapable of rendering equal justice under law,” reads the letter. More from HuffPost.

ACTIVE LISTENING AND ALLYSHIP: HOW SCHOOL COUNSELORS CAN UPLIFT THEIR LGBTQ STUDENTS: When students go to their school counselor about issues, they don’t just need empathy — they’re also letting the counselor know about issues happening within the school that they have the power to address, ameliorate and prevent, especially when it comes to identity-based harassment and bullying that so many LGBTQ young people face. More from HRC.

NEW POLL FROM MORNING CONSULT, TREVOR PROJECT REPORT MAJORITY OF LGBTQ YOUTH EXPERIENCE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION AMID COVID-19: Stay-at-home orders have led to some LGBTQ youth being stuck inside in unsupportive households, which could lead to adverse mental health affects. Nearly 1 in 4 LGBTQ youth who responded said they were unable to access mental health care because of the pandemic. More from NBC.


HRC ENDORSES CALIFORNIA STATE SENATOR SCOTT WIENER FOR RE-ELECTION: “When California’s 1,615,000 LGBTQ people need a leader and an advocate, they know they can rely on Senator Wiener’s unwavering support,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “The Human Rights Campaign is grateful for his leadership as the Chair of the California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus and his work to make California one of the most inclusive and welcoming states in America.” More from HRC.


NEW HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH REPORT HIGHLIGHTS ANTI-LGBTQ PERSECUTION IN EL SALVADOR, GUATEMALA, HONDURAS: The governments of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have failed to effectively address violence and discrimination against LGBTQ people, leading many to seek asylum in the United States. Yet policies by the Trump-Pence administration created new barriers to obtaining asylum. Read the report from the Human Rights Watch.


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