Empowering Our Future

The people who claim to be “for the children” have no problem relentlessly attacking the kids they’re supposed to protect.

In an unprecedented state of emergency for LGBTQ+ rights, the target has been on the backs of trans and non-binary young people — over 200 Bills have been aimed at their rights, their health care, and their ability to feel safe at school.

Bad actors such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have made it their mission to make the lives of LGBTQ+ youth more difficult.

Our mission is to stop them in their tracks. Not once has the next generation of leaders backed down from the fight, and we are behind them 100%. Be it on the playing field, in school, or at home, HRC is proud to empower young queer people to take control of their futures.

The Impact

125 Gender-Affirming Health Care Bans
45 Sports Bills
30 Bathroom Bills

Hateful legislation has relentlessly attacked trans and non-binary young people’s ability to safely use the bathroom, play sports with their friends, and receive access to life-saving health care.

Unsurprisingly, our Youth Report found:

  • These bills negatively impact the day-to-day lives of trans and non-binary students.

  • Access to inclusive school resources was much lower in those geographic regions of the United States with worse policy environments for LGBTQ+ people.

  • Only 19% of trans and gender-expansive youth play sports

Research, health care professionals, and kids themselves have shown again and again that LGBTQ+ youth thrive when they’re supported and loved for who they are. Every young person deserves to feel safe, included and accepted!

Creating Safe Spaces

Welcoming Schools

Our Welcoming Schools Program is at the frontline of LGBTQ+ inclusion, providing the training and tools schools need to support all their students. Why is this important? Because our Welcoming Schools Annual Report found that:

  • 46% of LGBTQ+ youth rarely or never felt safe at school.

  • 54% of transgender or gender nonconforming youth rarely or never felt safe at school.

  • 62% of LGBTQ+ youth have been bullied at school due to sexual identity or gender.

That’s why we’ve worked to bring comprehensive, bias-based bullying prevention and inclusion to OVER 600,000 students across ALL 50 states!

Welcoming Schools is about more than just training and resources — we’re celebrating LGBTQ+ stories and inclusion!

Welcoming School’s National Day of Reading brought the beauty of representation to 38,000 participants from not only all across the U.S., but from the United Arab Emirates, Ghana and Canada as well.

Every student deserves to see themselves in books.

All Children — All Families

Besides feeling safe at school, every child deserves to go home to a safe and supportive family. Our All Children — All Families program empowers child welfare agencies with the tools and resources they need to support LGBTQ+ kids and parents — creating more loving families for all children.

Served 1.4M+ Children & Families
Assessed 13,500+ Policies & Practices
Worked with 172 Organizations Across all 50 States (+Australia, Portugal and more)

The Kids Are All Right

We’re proud to empower future champions of change. Our Youth Ambassador program puts the power in the hands of the next generation of leaders.

We provide the tools for these young adults to educate, advocate and drive change in their communities — all while amplifying the voices of our future.

Taking Control of Your Health

We’re empowering the next generation of health advocates!

GENERATE works with Black and Latiné community members 18-24 to spearhead innovative and meaningful grassroots-level advocacy, elevate HIV prevention efforts and create transformative change that combats HIV stigma.

We’ve expanded this work to reach more affected community members by deepening our programs

We’ve launched GenHERate which puts the power in the hands of Black women to drive awareness and create change around the health disparities that disproportionately impact them.

We’re also proud to have launched GENERAR, our cohort held in Puerto Rico empowering Spanish speakers to become advocates and agents of change in their communities.

We’ve also proudly launched our HBCU’s PrEP Ambassador Program, a peer group of health advocates who work to eliminate stigma and build knowledge on their campuses.

Every student should have access to the resources and knowledge they need to make safe, healthy decisions for themselves.

Can We Count You In?

While extremists of hate and misinformation continue to push their false narrative, join us in empowering our future!