These Are The States Attempting to Pass Anti-Trans Health Care Bills

by Ella Schneiberg

To advance their own careers, anti-LGBTQ politicians have made us fight for our existence. For our right to love each other. For our right to marry. For our right to live openly.

Now, they’re targeting our community’s health care.

This legislative session, states across the country are trying to prevent transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming healthcare.

So far in 2021, at least 35 bills have been introduced targeting transgender people and our ability to seek medical care. Here’s what we’re tracking (last updated on 5/18/2021):

Rebekah is a 14-year-old girl who loves school, reading, hanging out with her friends and playing field hockey. But lawmakers across the country are trying to pass laws that would prohibit Rebekah from playing sports with other girls.

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