The Impact of the Equality Act on our Transgender Community

by Nick Totin

How the Equality Act would create lasting protections for transgender people

Transgender people encounter harassment and discrimination every day because of their identities. We recently introduced you to Queen, a trans person of color who was wrongly evicted for one reason: Queen is a person of trans experience. While some progress has been made in the fight to secure nondiscrimination protections for the trans community, Queen’s story makes clear that we still have a lot of work to do and underscores why we must pass the Equality Act: To establish much-needed protections for trans people.

The Equality Act would create explicit protections in federal law to prohibit discrimination in housing, education, government funded programs, financial services, and access to public goods and services. If we pass the Equality Act, it would mean:

  • A transgender person could not be turned away from a bank or credit lender because of their gender identity

  • A pharmacy could not refuse to fill prescriptions for gender-affirming care

  • Transportation providers like airlines or car-sharing services could not refuse service to a person who is transgender

  • Federally funded jobs training programs could not turn away a transgender person

We can all play a part in passing the Equality Act. This historic legislation would make unprecedented progress for the trans community. There are four things you can do right now to help us pass the Equality Act.

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