Telling Trans Stories

by HRC Staff

2022 has been one of the worst years on record for anti-LGBTQ+ laws, with more than 330 being introduced to date nationwide. Many states have already signed these bills into law, and others are well on their way. A disproportionate number of these bills target LGBTQ+ youth and particularly trans youth. These bills vary state to state, but some we’re seeing across the country include:

  • Anti-Trans Sports Bans - Ban transgender youth from playing sports on teams consistent with their gender identity.

  • Gender-Affirming Care Bans - Ban transgender youth from accessing age-appropriate, life-saving, medically necessary care.

  • Education Censorship Bills - Ban classroom conversations around LGBTQ+ history and people.

  • Bathroom Bills - Ban students from using bathrooms consistent with their gender identity.

These bills have real effects on the lives of trans kids and their families every day, which is why we want to elevate the voices of those impacted and fight back against anti-LGBTQ+ lawmakers. We can’t win this fight alone — we must make ourselves louder than ever before.

We are collecting stories from trans kids and their families from across the country to ensure our rights are protected, not rolled back. By sharing your story, you can help tell lawmakers that discrimination of any kind will not stand in our country, and that trans kids deserve affirmation and care. These stories will potentially be shared across HRC’s digital platforms, including social media and our website. Information that you do not want to provide or share will not be published.

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