Setting an Example for Fathers Everywhere: These Fathers Celebrate and Uplift All Trans and Non-Binary Children

by Pallavi Rudraraju

This Father’s Day, HRC Youth Well-Being Coordinator Pallavi Rudraraju sat down with Stephen Chukumba, Frank Gonzales and David Parr, three loving and supportive fathers on HRC’s Parents for Transgender Equality National Council, to gather their thoughts on how fathers can be there for their trans and non-binary children. Having supportive family is critical to the well-being of transgender youth. As many of us know, trans and non-binary youth suffer from disproportionate rates of mental health challenges compared to their cisgender peers. However, for trans and non-binary youth who are embraced and accepted at home, their mental health outcomes are at the same levels as their cisgender peers, highlighting the powerful impact of supportive parents for trans youth. This Father’s Day, HRC’s Youth Well-Being team wanted to shine the spotlight on some loving fathers of transgender children who are setting an example for all fathers.

“The one thing that makes me the most proud as a father to a trans child is how much confidence my son displays. I love how resilient and positive he is. The way he has grown, developed and thrived is inspiring to me. I love him to pieces.”

“As a father, it makes me proud to see the strength and confidence that my trans daughter radiates throughout her daily life. Gone are those days of her nervous and timid self before she transitioned. Life still has some daily struggles, and there are some much larger systemic issues that are stacked against her. However, she has decided to be visible, make her voice heard and win over those who have never given thought to the issues that trans youth are faced with. She exudes love!”

“I’m very proud, and blown away quite frankly, by the courage and strength Gia shows by living as her true self. In many ways, I’m not the father or the man I thought I was. Simply by being her authentic self, Gia has taught me so much about myself and the world we live in, and I’m a better, more whole and authentic person for it. Gia, I love you and I am very proud of you. Always be true!”

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