One of the Largest Companies in Mexico Celebrates LGBTQ Employees

by HRC Staff

Pemex, one of the largest companies Mexico, is celebrating LGBTQ diversity and inclusion in a new video.

Pemex, one of the largest companies Mexico, is celebrating LGBTQ diversity and inclusion in a new video. The video, featuring a few members of the more than 150,000 workforce, reflects the importance of the HRC Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) and the HRC Equidad MX programs.

Since December 2016, HRC Equidad MX has been on the ground working with Mexican companies, like Pemex, which is the largest oil and gas company in Mexico, to increase awareness about the importance of LGBTQ diversity and inclusion in workplaces across Mexico. The program creates consulting and education models for Mexican companies and organizations interested in furthering their inclusivity efforts.

Berenice Lopez Martinez, Social Inclusion Assistant Manager at Pemex, spoke to HRC about their role as a leader in diversity throughout Mexico:

Since 2015, Petróleos Mexicanos has a Social Inclusion Strategy in the area of gender equality, non-discrimination and labor inclusion for women, people with disabilities and LGBTI people designed in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP Mexico) to create inclusive and respectful work environments.

Based on the above, in 2016, Pemex created the Diversity Network, the first group of self-registered workers as part of the LGBTI community (lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex) as well as their allies in order to listen to the needs, proposals, projects and channel them through the Management of Inclusion.

One of the challenges of the Network for Diversity in Pemex has been internal diffusion, so that the Network continues to grow. This video aims to publicize its purpose among the Pemex staff so that more people join to participate.

The filming experience was very gratifying. It is a preamble for the participation of Pemex in the LGBTI Pride March of Mexico City for the first time, in the contingent of Pride Connection conformed by 34 companies.

The opportunities to implement equality, inclusion and non-discrimination practices in the oil sector are broad. We believe that this initiative at Pemex can have a positive impact for the inclusion of LGBTI people in other national and international companies.

"Getting to know and working with the Diversity and Inclusion Management of Pemex has been a great experience,” Francisco Robledo Sanchez of Alianza por la Diversidad e Inclusión Laboral, a consulting firm, said. “From having their resounding support of HRC Equidad MX certification's launch on December 2016 to meeting many of the people working in this company that benefit from this innovative program throughout the country."

HRC Equidad MX is proud and excited to continue working with Pemex as they strive for an inclusive environment and work to empower their diverse employee population.

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