Living Into Equity This Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month

by HRC staff

Post submitted by Madeleine Roberts (they/them) and Ryan Carey-Mahoney (he/him), HRC Bi+ Employee Resource Group Co-Chairs

Every March, we come together as a community for Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month to raise awareness and bring attention to the disparities facing the bi+ community when it comes to health and health care spaces. HRC is again proud to support the Bisexual Resource Center, which founded Bi+ Health Month, and organizations across the country to observe the eighth annual #BiHealthMonth this March. This year’s theme of “Equity” further highlights the importance of looking at our work with careful attention to the intersectional disparities that impact the most vulnerable among us.

According to new data from Gallup, over half of LGBT adults (54.6%) are bisexual, with another 3.3% describing their sexual orientation as non-monosexual with terms such as queer and same-gender-loving. This means that 57.9% of the LGBTQ community is bi+ (bisexual, pansexual, queer, fluid or another non-monosexual identity).

57.9% of LGBTQ adults identify as bi+

Since it first began in 2014, Bi+ Health Awareness Month has been dedicated to raising awareness about the startling social, economic and health disparities facing the bi+ community. Bi+ people experience greater health disparities compared to our gay and lesbian peers and a lack of research on those disparities, as well as biphobia in medical settings. These disparities include higher rates of mood disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, cancers and more.

We also know that people living at the intersections of multiple marginalized identities experience greater and compounded disparities, including health disparities. This includes bi+ people of color and others. Last year, today and tomorrow, the movement for racial justice reminds us that all of our work is and must be intersectional and equitable. That’s why the Bisexual Resource Center chose “Equity” as this year’s theme for Bi+ Health Awareness Month. This month, we’ll be centering the voices of those in the bi+ community who carry intersectional and multiply marginalized identities, including bi+ people of color, bi+ trans and non-binary people and more.

HRC has a number of resources that can be helpful to bi+ people this month and year-round:

This Bi+ Health Awareness Month, HRC reaffirms our commitment to creating inclusive, welcoming spaces for all bi+ people and to advocating for equity for all in the bi, pan, queer and fluid community.

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