Learn More About the 2021/2022 Human Rights Campaign Foundation Global Small Grants Recipients

by HRC Staff

As part of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Global Partnerships Program, we are providing 20 grants of up to $5,000 to 20 organizations around the world to support a range of innovative and impactful programs to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people in their respective countries.

The announcement of the small grants recipients coincides with International Human Rights Day, which marks the date in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights — the first time the global community spelled out a set of inalienable rights everyone is entitled to have, including LGBTQ+ people.

The grants support alumni of HRC Foundation’s global programs, a growing network of 180 LGBTQ+ advocates from 90 countries. Learn more about these organizations and the powerful impact of their work.

2021/2022 Global Small Grants Program Recipients
In alphabetical order by country

Open Mind Spectrum Albania (Albania)
“HRC Global Innovation Small Grant will help in improving the general situation of the LGBTI community in the country by educating the public and raising awareness on transgender and intersex persons.” - Arber Kodra, he/him | Executive Director

Right Side Human Right Defender NGO (Armenia)
“Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO team wants to sincerely express their gratitude for your support and help to the transgender LGBIQ+ community in Armenia. We sincerely appreciate your contribution to the educational development of our movement and we are very thankful for all the resources you have devoted to our community to advance our rights, education level and well-being, to promote activism and human rights framework in our country and foster our work for achieving our goals and objectives during this challenging time for all of us.” - Lilit Martirosyan, she/her | Founder and President

Somos - Communication, Health and Sexuality (Brazil)
"The COVID-19 pandemic had a very big impact around the world, but due to the inefficiency of government management, Brazil was one of the most affected countries. This left the LGBTI+ community, which is extremely vulnerable, is in an even worse situation. HRC's support will help us build a network to discuss employability and refer cases that come to us. It's an opportunity to reinforce work we've been wanting to do for a long time. We're very excited." - Gabriel Galli, he/him | Operational Director

CamASEAN Youth’s Future (Cambodia)
“This global grant will empower our local work and inspire the inclusion of elderly LGBTIQ people to share their positive and hopeful stories with our younger LGBTIQ, families, communities and authorities to build allies for future policy change.” - Srorn Srun, he/him | Founder

Diálogo Diverso (Ecuador)
“We are very excited to know that we will be able to continue working thanks to your support in consolidating the processes of linking private companies to benefit the rights of LGBTIQ+ people in Ecuador.” - Danilo Manzano, he/him | Director

Red Dot Foundation (India)
“This grant will help us with advocacy in the LGBTQIA+ space and create long-lasting, impactful, meaningful positive transformation in society at large. Conversations are the genesis of change.” - Supreet Singh, she/her | CEO

Helem (Lebanon)

Lesbian Intersex Trans and other Extensions (Malawi)

Rekonekt (Mauritius)
"Businesses constitute a major pillar in our society. On behalf of Rekonekt, I thank the Human Rights Campaign for this grant since it will enable us to work hands in hands with businesses and help them develop inclusive leadership, thus contributing to a more equitable society where LGBTIQA+ persons can thrive with dignity." - Anjeelee Kaur Beegun, she/her | Member

Nassawiyat (Morocco)
“Thank you so much for this wonderful news and for supporting my project — a first of its kind to be conducted for trans people in Morocco.” - Ayouba El-Hamri, she/her/they/them | Co-Founder

Namibia Diverse Women’s Association (Namibia)

Track-T (Pakistan)
“For some, the HRC Global Innovation Small Grant could be a small grant, but for us in Pakistan its impact is really big. Most of the time when we don't have any resources to sustain our innovative work, HRC gives us hope that we can move on to strengthen our movement not only locally, but globally as well.” - Jannat Ali, she/her | Executive Director

Hombres Trans Panama (Panama)
“This grant will greatly reinforce the work that we have been doing from Hombres Trans Panamá by allowing us to strengthen trans men, trans woman and non-binary people nationwide to be able to work together on a national plan of action and work toward trans laws to overcome intersectional and systematic barriers and guarantee our basic rights as human beings. We deserve a dignified life where our identity and gender expression are respected and we can have access to education, employment, health, proper identification, and to have all human rights without any discrimination, and this grant will help us be closer to that goal.” - Pau Gonzalez, he/him | Vice President


Youth Voices Count, Inc. (Philippines)

NGO “LighT”
"Development of leadership and activism can change lives and change the world." - Alina

“The HRC 2021 funding is giving the transgender community in Tanzania a chance to collectively heal and be visible in their own diversities.” - Maurance Chuwa, he/him | Chairman

UniKuir (Turkey)

Queer Youth (Uganda)
“We at Queer Youth Uganda are delighted and grateful for this funding opportunity that is going to continue supporting our work and community.” - Qwin Mbabazi, she/her | Assistant Program Coordinator