Kamala Harris is Working With HRC to Make Real Change This Election -- Join Us!

by Guest contributor

This National Voter Registration Day, Senator Kamala Harris is partnering with HRC to get people registered to vote.

Post submitted by Senator Kamala Harris.

We are at an inflection point in this country.

Over the last year, we’ve witnessed persistent assaults on our deepest values and our collective ideals. But, we've survived each one ... by uniting and fighting together.

Now, with the upcoming midterm elections, we have the power to keep progress moving forward. And that power is in our vote.

This National Voter Registration Day, I’m partnering with HRC to get people registered to vote. In the last year alone, almost 30K people have registered because of HRC and, with your help, I’m hoping we can add 10K to that total TODAY -- will you take the time to verify your registration status?

The stakes in this year’s election are higher than ever: We need to take back the House with pro-equality leaders.

HRC has one of the smartest, most aggressive strategies to make this happen. And over half of all of their endorsed candidates are women, and a third are people of color. We can make history in races across the country, but we can’t do it without you.

I know times like this can be daunting and that these battles don’t seem easy to win, but these are the moments where we’re reminded of the power of our shared humanity and strength. No matter who you are, your voice matters. And, our individual voices are stronger when we raise them as one.

Commit to vote this National Voter Registration Day by checking your current voter registration status. Then, share this important message with your friends and family. Remarkable change is just on the horizon -- will you join me and HRC as a part of it?

P.S. Want to up your involvement before Election Day? Take a look at HRC’s Equality Voter Action Center and see what you can do in your area!