HRC to Proudly #RiseUP for Equality for Immigrants and Workers on May 1

by HRC Staff

HRC is proud to join the May Day of Action: Immigrants and Workers March across the country.

Post submitted by Hayley Miller, former HRC Associate Director of Digital and Social

Today, HRC is proud to join the May Day of Action: Immigrants and Workers March across the country. The May Day of Action is an unprecedented event where hundreds of thousands of people will come forward in 130 cities and 36 states. HRC staff, members and volunteers will join the march on nationwide.

LGBTQ people are as diverse as the fabric of this nation. Now, more than ever, we must stand together against hate, division and fear. HRC couldn't be prouder to stand shoulder to shoulder with our coalition partners in support of the immigrant and undocumented communities. Because when you attack any one of us -- you attack us all.

Today will be a day to rise up and show solidarity to all immigrant working families and resist the attacks on the most vulnerable communities. The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), a coalition of 43 different organizations, has organized the event to support and demonstrate the resilience of all immigrant communities in America.

“It is important that we are stepping up to represent LGBTQ individuals, including some of the most marginalized,” said Lisbeth Melendez Rivera, Director of HRC Latinx and Catholic Initiatives. “LGBTQ immigrants are an integral part to our economy and society, it is critical that we may our presence known.”

“First, we need to recognize the dignity and the respect for all immigrant. We’re going to demonstrate resilience and fight for them together. The amount of progressive organizations like HRC that have come together to support is remarkable,” said Kica Matos, Director of Immigrant Rights and Racial Justice of the Center for Community Change. “They’re are helping us to resist the criminalization and demonization of our community by the Trump administration. Our partners believe in protecting human rights and immigrant rights.”

HRC will continue to fight for the rights of LGBTQ immigrants, Muslims, refugees, people of color and all the communities that are being attacked by the current administration.