HRC Launches Virtual Bus Tour for 2020 Election

by Curtis Clinch

HRC’s 2020 Virtual Bus Tour will connect volunteers, elected leaders and candidates across battleground states and districts in the country.

With less than 100 days left until Election Day, we cannot rest until Donald Trump is out of office. HRC President Alphonso David will join volunteers, elected leaders and candidates across battleground states and districts as part of a virtual bus tour.

“The Human Rights Campaign and our volunteers have already been hard at work contacting voters in critical states across the country. This bus tour will allow us to deepen our voter engagement in these critical states. We’ll speak directly to Equality Voters across the Northeast, the Rust Belt and the Sun Belt,” David said. 

Equality is on the ballot in every aspect in health care, civil rights, hate crimes, voting access, immigration, employment, education and more. Find a virtual event, come connect with elected officials and get involved with us to ensure pro-equality victories this November. 

Virtual Bus Tour Schedule featuring HRC's Alphonso David

New York







If you are unable to attend, you can still take action by volunteering from home, registering to vote or requesting an absentee ballot at HRC's vote center. 

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