HRC Is Honoring Latinx Heritage Month with Latinx and Proud: A Queer Latinx Heritage Month Celebration

by HRC Staff


September 15 through October 15 marks Latinx Heritage Month, which HRC is celebrating and honoring by introducing Latinx and Proud: A Queer Latinx Heritage Month Celebration. Latinx and Proud celebrates the diversity, beauty and resilience of all Latinx cultures and communities while spotlighting the vibrance and boldness of LGBTQ+ Latinx folks who live within these intersecting identities.The campaign is a monthlong observation of the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ Latinx folks and the influence they’ve had on the fight for LGBTQ+ equality.

Latinx LGBTQ+ folks have been at the forefront of our movement since its inception and have made significant contributions to American culture and society. Our Latinx and Proud campaign aims to celebrate the historical impact Latinx people have had and continue to have on our nation’s history and future while spotlighting the unique challenges and issues Latinx communities face.

Through visual celebration of cultural Latinx aesthetics and digital storytelling — including an impactful video featuring a Latinx trans youth — HRC’s Latinx and Proud aims to elevate Latinx voices while underscoring the need for continued advocacy for all LGBTQ+ people in our country.

As part of our Latinx and Proud celebration, HRC will also highlight the cultural importance of quinceañera festivities prominent in Latinx communities through our “Queerceañera” campaign, an opportunity for all Latinx LGBTQ+ folks to honor their intersecting identities while empowering themselves through their connection to their culture and heritage.

¡Este mes y todos los meses del año, te celebramos a ti!

This month and every month of the year, we celebrate you!

Adelyn is a young transgender girl living in Texas in a predominantly Latinx community in close proximity to Mexico, where much of her family grew up. As a transgender youth growing up in Texas, Adelyn and her family face many challenges at a personal and legislative level. Her compelling story is unique to her Latinx culture and heritage, but aligned with what many trans youth experience with a significant lack of legal protections. That is why we are pushing for the passing of the Equality Act, to protect Latinx LGBTQ+ youth like Adelyn and all other LGBTQ+ people, people of color, and other minorities in this country.

Learn more about the Equality Act.

To fully celebrate the contribution that LGBTQ+ Latinx folks have made to the fight for LGBTQ+ equality, we must honor the historical figures who lived within these intersecting identities while fighting for a better future for all LGBTQ+ people.

Photo of Chavela Vargas by: Alexandre Meneghini / AP Images. Photo of Ray Navarro by: Diva TV / Wikipedia. Photo of Pedro Zamora by: Callelinea / English Wikipedia. Photo of Sylvia Rivera by: Justin Sutcliffe / AP Images. Photo of Reinaldo Arenas by: Chris Kakol / Flickr.

Learn more about these trailblazers in our blog.

No se puede celebrar el mes de la herencia latinx sin poner atención a la necesidad de que se otorgue el desarrollo de la juventud LGBT, especialmente niños y niñas transgéneros y no binarios, en ambientes escolares acogedores para todos los estudiantes.

El programa Welcoming Schools de nuestra fundación podría ayudar a padres y educadores a construir experiencias y ambientes beneficiosos para sus estudiantes que se identifiquen como parte de la comunidad LGBT.

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Join us for “Toda La Familia: A Discussion About Trans Inclusion in Latinx Families and Communities” live on Oct. 8, 2021-7:00 PM ET

Just like in many other communities, family is extremely important and essential in the Latinx community. For Latinx LGBTQ+ people, family can be a source of strength, empowerment and support. “Toda La Familia” is a discussion about trans inclusion in Latinx families and communities, connecting two families from different parts of the country through their shared experiences as Latinx families with trans family members.

HRC will be joined by Trans Family Support Services’ Laura Gonzalez Garcia and her transgender son Elio for a meaningful conversation with Adelyn Vigil and her mother, Adamalis about the experience of living within the intersection of identifying as Latinx and LGBTQ+.

“My piece is inspired by quinceañera culture in Latinoamérica. Since it’s a really big celebration of life, I wanted to create a character with no specific gender that’s celebrating themselves as well, being proud of themselves and who they are, while looking fabulous in a big, poofy, frilly, rainbow dress, and voguing on the dance floor. Mi diseño está inspirado por la cultura de las quinceañeras en América Latina. Dado que son una gran celebración de la vida, quería crear un personaje sin género específico que también se celebrará a sí mismo, sintiendose orgulloso de sí mismo mientras luce fabuloso en un gran vestido de arcoíris con volantes, y disfrutando en la pista de baile".- Sonia Lazo

¡Estás formalmente invitadx a la queerceañera de HRC!

You are formally invited to the HRC’s queerceañera!

In Latinx countries and cultures, quinceañeras are prevalent, marking a young girl's passage into womanhood at the age of fifteen. Through the festivities, the woman is empowered through her identity, self-worth and profound connection to cultural aspects such as religion, family values and community. Traditionally, quinceañeras are reserved for cisgender females, but that notion omits other gender identities, particularly queer identities.

We all deserve to celebrate our passage into adulthood and, therefore, into our individual journeys of empowerment. For many Latinx LGBTQ+ folks—and many other LGBTQ+ people— the coming into their own empowerment isn’t something that is widely celebrated.

Our queerceañera campaign, a queer spin on the traditional quinceañera, is an invitation for everyone to celebrate their own passage into finding their identity and self-worth, regardless of gender identity, age or nationality.

The graphic for our queerceañera campaign is designed by renowned queer artist Sonia Lazo from El Salvador. Learn more Sonia and their artwork on Instagram and Twitter.

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