CVS Launches Free HIV Testing Services in Several States

by HRC Staff

To help end the epidemic of HIV, CVS Health will be providing health care vouchers for free HIV testing and consultation with a healthcare provider at a CVS MinuteClinic or a CVS HealthHub location June 29-July 13

In efforts to overcome barriers to testing, CVS Health in partnership with Gilead Sciences is offering free HIV testing in under-served areas. Many of the areas serve Black, Latinx, Hispanic, and LGBTQ+ populations. The CDC's recent data showed 57% of new diagnoses were from young adults and adolescents. Southern states alone accounted for over half of these new diagnoses.

*Post written by HRC Foundation's Simon Garcia (he/him)

How Vouchers Work:

Vouchers are valid for access to free HIV testing and one free visit with a healthcare provider at a CVS MinuteClinic or a CVS HealthHub location.

  • Anyone age 18 or older can receive a voucher if they are in a participating area

  • Participating areas will be select counties across Florida, Georgia, New York, and Texas

  • You can download an HIV test voucher to your mobile device, at no-cost, from the CVS Health website

  • You do not need insurance to use a voucher for an HIV test or for your free visit with a healthcare provider

  • If you do not have access to a cellphone to download the online voucher, participating locations can still assist you in-person to get a coupon and secure the next available appointment

Tests will consist of either a 15-minute rapid test or a blood test. A practitioner will work with you after you receive your results and inform you of what resources you may need. That could range from PrEP referrals or treatment services from local providers.

See If You're Eligible

A multitude of factors prevent people who are at high risk from getting tested and treated, especially over the course of COVID-19. HIV prevention services were even farther from reach for groups who may already face systemic barriers to care like social, economic and demographic factors. Learn more at My Body, My Health.

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