An Update on Anti-Transgender Legislation in Alabama

by HRC Staff

During the final hours of their legislative session, Alabama lawmakers passed a sweeping package of anti-transgender legislation. Governor Kay Ivey quickly signed this discriminatory slate of bills into law, and in doing so stripped transgender youth of life-saving resources and further isolated them from their peers and communities. The laws feature some of the most anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-transgender legislation, creating an untenable environment for our community in Alabama.

SB 184: This law makes it a felony — punishable by up to ten years in prison — to provide gender-affirming care. Arkansas passed the only other gender-affirming care ban into law last year and it was immediately challenged and blocked in court. SB 184 also forces educators to “out” children to their parents.

HB 322: This law bans K-12 students from using bathrooms and school facilities consistent with their gender identity. Additionally, the law bans conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity in classrooms for grades K-5, similar to Florida’s recent “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” bill.

In response to SB 184, we're joining the Southern Poverty Law Center, National Center for Lesbian Rights and GLBTQ Legal Defenders and Advocates to fight for transgender youth, their families, and medical providers in Alabama. We have filed a legal challenge in federal district court against Alabama SB 184 on behalf of medical professionals and families who would be directly impacted by this law.

Our staff on the ground in Alabama are working directly with families to provide necessary resources and support. We'll continue to pursue all available avenues to ensure protections for LGBTQ+ Alabamans.

Can we count you in?

The more people who show they care, including allies and trans and non-binary people who speak up for the most marginalized in our community, the more hearts and minds we will change.