Addressing Racism, LGBTQ Topics and Intersectionality Through Reading

by Lauren Precker

While the holidays might be over, there is still a lot to be excited about this winter, including the HRC Foundation’s 2021 Welcoming Schools booklists. Since the first booklist was released in 2007, these lists have become not only a yearly tradition, but also one of the most popular resources the Welcoming Schools program provides for educators.

The comprehensive topics covered in these books, such as anti-racism, LGBTQ inclusion, diverse families, preventing bias-based bullying and supporting transgender and non-binary students, among others, are powerful and provide a great entry point for educators who want to foster inclusive and affirming classrooms for all students and their families.

“One of the best ways for schools to create a welcoming environment for students and families is through children’s literature. Inclusive books provide students with both mirrors to affirm their own identities and windows into lives that are different from theirs,” said Cheryl Greene, Director, Welcoming Schools Training Program.

The Welcoming Schools team is particularly excited about the following new and updated booklists for 2021:

  • Top Picture And Middle Grade Books
  • Diverse Books With Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender-Expansive Children
  • Diverse LGBTQ-Inclusive Picture and Middle Grade Books
  • Books on LGBTQ History For Kids

With an additional booklist focusing on:

  • Understanding Racism: Pre-K - 8 Books That Explore and Challenge Race

For more information about the booklists and HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program, visit