Up Front, Winter 2024

Mexico’s Top Businesses Step Up for Equality

When businesses support equality, everybody wins. Inspired by the Human Right Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, Equidad MX aims to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion across top businesses in Mexico. This year, Equidad MX rated over 300 companies from across 40 industries in every state in Mexico, and the results show more businesses than ever are embracing the benefits of inclusionary practices.

Of the participating companies, nearly 85% received the program’s highest score and certification of “Mejores Lugares para Trabajar LGBTQ+ 2024.” More and more companies are signing on — this year marks a 1000% increase in participating organizations since the program’s founding in 2016. Equidad MX continually goes above and beyond, exceeding its original requirements to rate all internal LGBTQ+ training and education best practices. Companies are also scored on their non-discrimination practices, diversity and inclusion councils, public engagement and more.

Inclusive workplaces have been proven to create better performance, higher financial outcomes and more innovation, and the benefits to employees are countless. This year, the number of employees directly benefiting from the tools rated in the report increased 10%, helping over 1.5 million people. Read the full report and learn just how good equality is for business in Mexico and everywhere

Trump’s License Gets Revoked

On January 9th, the Biden-Harris administration overturned a harmful Trump-era “License to Discriminate” policy and restored protections of recipients of federally funded healthcare. The Trump administration had created overly broad definitions of religious liberties that were not consistent with statute or case law that negatively impacted LGBTQ+ people’s access to heath care, and removed protections which notified patients of their rights to be free from discrimination and to seek care from an alternate provider if desired. Without those protections, the Trump administration created more situations in which LBTQ+ people would experience discrimination based on their provider’s personal beliefs, left patients unaware of their rights to be free from medical discrimination, and prevented many from seeking alternate providers who would deliver the care they needed. With the new final rule, all patients of federally funded healthcare will again be notified of their right to seek alternative providers, and will ensure no patient is turned away from essential care simply because of a provider’s beliefs.

In a statement released following the ruling, HRC President Kelley Robinson called the reversal by the Biden-Harris administration “a victory for patients, families and a victory for equality.”

The right to believe and to exercise one’s faith is a core American value. The right to discriminate with taxpayer dollars is not,” said Robinson.

Learn more about the reversal, and what it means for patient protections.

Youth Voices Help HRC Build a Better Future

The future is already being written by the next generation. In late 2023, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation welcomed a new class of Youth Ambassadors made up of youth LGBTQ+ advocates and leaders from across the country. The Youth Ambassadors leverage HRC’s resources, tools and expertise to raise awareness of the complex challenges facing LGBTQ+ youth today while using their own unique voices to advocate for LGBTQ+ youth in this country.

The Youth Ambassadors represent diverse backgrounds and experiences, and are on the leading edge of activism for the future. They’ve fought against book bans in schools, testified in front of state legislatures, organized rallies, made television appearances, published articles in national magazines, won numerous awards, consulted with major international organizations and even founded and led nonprofits of their own.

With their diverse interests — from inclusive education to roller derby — we can’t wait to see the incredible work these ambassadors do next. Learn more about Billy, Ray, Mya, Kei, Katie, Rehman, Kiki, Eris, Hildie and Adrian.


A Push for New Standards in the Child Welfare System

Approximately 1 in 3 youth in the foster system are LGBTQ+, but LGBTQ+ children, youth and families continue to face higher levels of discrimination in the child welfare system than their peers. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s All Children - All Families Program aims to change that. Its 2023 Change-Makers Report highlights the essential work of partner organizations advancing LGBTQ+inclusion in the child welfare system.

This year, a record number of child welfare agencies joined the ACAF program in committing to LGBTQ+ inclusivity. The program’s nationwide work has resulted in over 1.4 million children, youth and families benefiting from more inclusive policies, and has trained over 10,650 professionals to make their agencies as inclusive as possible to all LGBTQ+ people.

At a time when LGBTQ+ youth are continually under attack from MAGA extremists, protecting vulnerable youth populations is more important than ever. Read the full report and learn more about the necessary work of LGBTQ+ inclusion in the child welfare system.

Can We Count You In?

All around us, transgender and non-binary youth are facing violence, hatred and discrimination, largely fueled by vile and extremist legislative efforts and rhetoric. They are our friends, loved ones and family members. We can’t let them stand alone.

HRC Foundation’s Count Us In Trans Youth Pledge is encouraging health, education and human services associations and organizations to show visible support for trans youth, and to commit to advocating for their equality. It’s about more than signing up — Count Us In means vocalizing support and including non-discrimination policies based on sexual orientation and gender identity within each organization and association.

Count Us In is leading the way to a new kind of allyship, one that doesn’t just talk about support, but takes action for it. Learn more about the Count Us In Trans Youth Pledge.

Women LEAD into the Future

From the early days of gender equality advocacy to the beginning of the fight for LGBTQ+ equality, and into its modern and ongoing fight, women have always been at the forefront of the movement. Women aren’t just helping this movement — we’re making it happen.

Since 2018, the Human Rights Campaign’s Women LEAD program has worked to strengthen and expand the roles of women as HRC leaders, supporters and advocates. In January, program members gathered in Los Angeles to hear from extraordinary LEADers — cisgender, transgender and gender-expansive alike — and to participate in workshops, attend trainings and build community for empowerment and the advancement of equality for everyone.

Let’s face it: Women get stuff done. Learn more about Women LEAD, and how you can participate in our next Women LEAD Summit.


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