Equality Magazine Cover

Black Resistance Lights the Way

Winter 2023

In This Issue: The attacks on our community are relentless, and they’re coming from all directions - from statehouses, hate speech accounts on social media, and even the New York Times. And so we mobilize, we fight and we win. And amid our powerful resistance, there is unbridled joy: in art, in parenting, onscreen, in sports and beyond.

Featured Articles

Raising Black LGBTQ+ Children

by Jose Soto (He/Him)

For Keisha Michaels, a Black parent of a Black trangender teenager, the lack of existing resources made exclusively for Black LGBTQ+ families was not surprising. Like many other Black parents of Black LGBTQ+ children, the Michaels found themselves navigating the…

Protecting Gender-Affirming Care

Every credible medical organization — representing over 1.3 million doctors in the United States — calls for age-appropriate, gender-affirming care for transgender and non-binary people. Parents, young people and medical…

The State of Our Union

by Casey Reever Whiting (She/Her)

Statehouses across the country are being flooded with anti-LGBTQ+ bills. Since 2015, the increases have been nearly exponential over the past few years. Year over year, anti-equality organizations and legislators…