Up Front, Summer 2023

Supporting LGBTQ+ Businesses

If you own an LGBTQ+ serving business, act now to apply for funding through the “Queer to Stay” initiative, an effort that supports, uplifts and preserves small businesses that serve the LGBTQ+ community, particularly businesses that are owned by or empower LGBTQ+ people of color, women and the transgender community.

Over the past three years, “Queer to Stay” has awarded funds to 50 LGBTQ+ businesses across the country. This year, HRC and SHOWTIME® have increased our commitment to this program and will support at least an additional 25 small queer businesses.

Applications will be accepted until 11:59pm on August 31. Learn more and apply at queertostay.org.

Financial Wellness

LGBTQ+ adults face unique challenges when it comes to financial well-being, and many face the compound stress of intersectional discrimination. That’s why the HRC Foundation created WorthIt, a new financial wellness platform that is specially crafted to give LGBTQ+ community members individualized plans to reach their financial goals, based on their unique experiences.

Tailored to the needs of LGBTQ+ adults ages 18 to 44, WorthIt aims to raise awareness around economic injustice within the LGBTQ+ community and provide the tools and information needed to help close the LGBTQ+ wealth gap.

Learn more at worthit.hrc.org.

Count Us In

It’s more important than ever for visible allyship, affirmation and commitment to full LGBTQ+ equality by institutional allies like employers and businesses.

HRC and GLAAD have come together to ask employers and business allies to reaffirm your support of LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality by joining together in our Count Us In pledge for deeper action and visibility. The pledge brings businesses together in allyship for the LGBTQ+ community while sending a powerful message to extremist lawmakers advancing anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, that equality for all is not negotiable.

We invite all equality-minded businesses to join us in calling on lawmakers to end all discriminatory attacks on the LGBTQ+ community. Enough is enough. Sign the pledge today.

Ending the HIV Epidemic

HRC is proud to announce the expansion of its work to eradicate the stigma surrounding HIV in Black and Latinx communities and end the HIV epidemic by 2030. The efforts are supported by a three-year, $5 million grant from Gilead Sciences, Inc.

In the first two years of this partnership, Gilead supported the transformational programming of HRC Foundation’s HIV and Health Equity Program, its Historically Black Colleges & Universities Program, and its Transgender Justice Initiative. Collectively, these three minority-led teams advanced critical educational tools through in-person and digital efforts reaching 14 million people, advanced leadership development efforts for dozens of emerging Black, Indigenous, and People of Color LGBTQ+ leaders, and supported more than 100 community-based organizations. In addition to continuing this work, the HIV and Health Equity team will develop a one-of-a-kind innovative benchmarking tool for institutions that provide HIV services, helping better evaluate the quality of care and measure racially and socially inclusive approaches. The team will engage community-based organizations, health departments, and private HIV service providers to develop a comprehensive benchmarking tool and define best practices, policies, and procedures to optimize HIV service provision for BIPOC LGBTQ+ communities.

This partnership is an extension of Gilead’s $3.2 million grant given to the HRC Foundation in 2021. With $5 million over the next three years, this grant is the largest in the HRC Foundation’s history.

Learn more at mybodymyhealth.org.