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A New Era for HRC

Summer 2023

In This Issue: Despite living in a state of emergency, our community continues to stay resilient. We are still coming together, celebrating ourselves and advocating for our rights. It is more important than ever that we join together to send a clear message: We are not going anywhere.

Featured Articles

A New Era of Fighting for LGBTQ+ Equality

Our community is no stranger to having to fight for our rights. Since before the Stonewall Riots of 1969, LGBTQ+ people have been demonstrating, mobilizing and activating to ensure we have not just a seat at the table, but an…

Pride and Prejudice

The contradictory landscape for LGBTQ+ youth mirrors how they feel about themselves, the world around them and their future. Over 90% of LGBTQ+ youth are proud to be part of…

Equality Rising

by Jose Soto (He/Him)

For workers across the country, including LGBTQ+ workers, the workplace presents an opportunity to excel and thrive, both professionally and personally. However, for many LGBTQ+ workers, doing so as their…

Anti-LGBTQ+ Candidates Set Sights on the White House

by Cullen Peele (He/Him)

The presidential candidates on the far right are failing to learn from obvious mistakes.
Given last year’s defeat of extremists politicians across the country, any logical rearview reflection by those…