Up Front, Late Fall 2021

Thanks for being YOU.

2021 was yet another tough year in the fight for equality, but HRC members helped us
power through – battling back against hate and making progress for LGBTQ+ people.

You gave us the strength to:


Organize at the Grassroots Level

From speaking up at local city council meetings, to writing to statehouses across the country, to lobbying Congress on Capitol Hill, HRC members were true champions of equality.

This kind of grassroots activism is what fuels the fight to make lasting change for the LGBTQ+ community.

200+ anti-LGBTQ+ bills successfully defeated


Aggressively Advocate for Equality

HRC members fueled our advocacy efforts, especially in established systems that are failing many Black, Latinx and transgender people.

We centered the intersectional needs of our communities to make real, lasting change for everyone in the LGBTQ+ family.

160k+ signed UP as co-sponsors for the Equality Act


Increase Visibility of our Community

Being visible helps break down barriers and makes our world a more inclusive place.

HRC members helped us share stories, speak out and partner with the community to promote LGBTQ+ equality and bring more people into this important work.

3,000 of you shared your coming out stories

Thank you for your steadfast support of HRC’s mission to ensure LGBTQ+ people are treated as full and equal citizens. Together we are changing our culture, our laws and our lives.


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