As someone who started at HRC as a volunteer, I know that being a member of our grassroots army is as demanding as it is rewarding. From the late-night phone banks to the 95-degree pride booths of North Carolina Pride, I know that being an HRC volunteer takes a lot of heart, sweat and commitment. And I could not be more grateful to each of them — and to all of you. By turning passion into action, day in and day out, you are driving critical change for our communities.

Because we came together like never before last November, we now have a pro-equality White House and pro-equality majorities in the U.S. House and Senate who are working to advance progress for our entire nation. One of the top priorities of President Biden is the Equality Act. We have some important fights ahead of us to bring this legislation across the finish line. But I know that together, we will keep hurrying up history and finally win full equality under the law.

As LGBTQ+ advocates, we know that part of the reason that the Equality Act is so urgently needed is that it will be an important defense against the hateful legislative attacks in the states.

Rather than focus on the urgent needs of their constituents, lawmakers are

going out of their way to attack the rights and lives of trans and non-binary youth. By seeking to codify hate, they are fueling anti-trans stigma, which puts transgender people, particularly trans women of color, at increased risk of discrimination, harassment and violence.

Alongside our coalition partners, HRC is fighting back with every tool we have. We are shining a bright light on the dangers of this legislation, centering and uplifting the voices of trans and non-binary youth and their families. We are supporting grassroots leaders on the frontlines of this fight. And we are taking action in the courts to prevent these dangerous laws from going into effect.

Our fight to protect trans lives, and to achieve better rights and welfare for all LGBTQ+ people, is one that carries across borders. That is why we are continuing to call on national and international leaders to do more to protect our international community, including LGBTQ+ Afghans seeking safety and refuge from oppression.

Our work to achieve our shared mission of LGBTQ+ liberation at home and abroad could not be more important. And it is only possible because of each and every one of you: your determination, your compassion, your collaboration. Movements do not live in the abstract — they live in the people doing the work to make progress possible. Thank you for doing the work, and for all that you do to bring a better world to life.

In Service,

Joni Madison , Interim President , Human Rights Campaign