Our Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights in the States

Since 2018, LGBTQ+ people have been under a coordinated attack in state legislatures across the country. These legislative assaults against our community have rapidly increased each year and 2023 is no exception. We’re tracking an unprecedented number anti-LGBTQ+ bills this year – many of them targeting transgender youth. Help us fight back.

So far this year, we’ve seen more than 400 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in states across the country. Instead of focusing on real issues like education, mental health support or infrastructure, politicians are relentlessly targeting LGBTQ+ people.

Many of these discriminatory bills target transgender kids, including dozens upon dozens of bills threatening to prevent them from receiving life-saving health care. These bills are dangerous, discriminatory and seek to erase our community. We will never back down in this fight, but we need your help.

Take Action and Get Educated

Contact Your Legislators

Send a letter to your state legislators and ask them to oppose any anti-LGBTQ+ legislation that may come their way this year.


Get the Facts on Gender-Affirming Care

We answered some frequently asked questions about this life-saving medical care – learn more.


Explore our Trans Sports Chatbot

Use the chatbot to have conversations about trans-inclusive sports and anti-trans sports bans.


Fight anti-trans legislation

Tell state legislators to stop attacking the transgender community NOW! Your signature will send a message that we won’t back down when these lawmakers come for our community.

This page was last updated: 5/5/2023