Post submitted by Kimmie Fink, Welcoming Schools Consultant

Preventing bullying is about a lot more than being nice. Most bullying in school occurs as a result of bias, prejudice or stereotypes. Welcoming Schools’ lesson plans can help your students identify the types of bullying they see, understand why words or actions hurt and consider their options when bullying happens.

Welcoming Schools is pleased to offer 12 lessons around bias-based bullying. All are available for download on our website. All lessons are aligned with Common Core standards and have a suggested grade level. Our extensive Educators’ Notes will give you the necessary background knowledge for a successful lesson.

Here are our top picks for Bullying Prevention Month:

1) ”A Welcoming Classroom” (K-2): What makes you feel welcome or unwelcome? With the book The New Girl… And Me, discuss what your class can do to help others feel welcome.

2) ”Name-Calling and Feeling Safe in School” (1-4): Talk directly with your students about where they feel safe in your school, where they don’t and why. Look specifically at how name-calling makes the school feel unsafe.

3) ”Think Before You Act” (3-6): Stop. Think. Act. This lesson looks at alternatives to bullying behavior and can help you develop a “Code of Ethics” for your classroom.

Bullying behavior doesn’t stop on its own. Educators need to be prepared to respond and intervene when it does occur, but if we want to truly make a difference, we must change the school culture. That means educating students about difference and allyship. These lessons are the perfect place to start.

HRC's Welcoming Schools is the nation's premier program dedicated to creating respectful and supportive elementary schools by embracing family diversity, creating LGBTQ- and gender-inclusive schools, preventing bias-based bullying, and supporting transgender and non-binary students.

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