ICYMI: Extremist Hate-Peddler & OK Library Advisory Board Appointee Libs Of TikTok Rattled by Call Out from Chasten Buttigieg

by Brandon Wolf

Following Her Appointment By State Superintendent Ryan Walters, Right Wing Influencer Chaya Raichik (Libs Of TikTok) is Facing Mounting Scrutiny for Her Role in Making Oklahoma Schools Less Safe for LGBTQ+ Youth

WASHINGTON — Libs of TikTok founder and Oklahoma political appointee Chaya Raichik lobbed an attack at teacher, author, and advocate Chasten Buttigieg over the weekend. The move came after Buttigieg joined the Human Rights Campaign, American Federation of Teachers, and others on a press call marking one month since the brutal attack and death of 16-year old nonbinary teen Nex Benedict in Owasso, Oklahoma.

“Many, many adults failed Nex, especially the state superintendent who has made repeated efforts to parrot anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and famously hiring openly anti-LGBTQ people to prominent positions, including Libs of TikTok, who, as last time I checked, doesn’t live in the state of Oklahoma and doesn’t even hold a degree in library science or education,” said Buttigieg on Thursday’s call. “Placing individuals who have openly attacked LGBTQ+ rights in positions that influence educational policy sends a dangerous message. It undermines the very foundation of what education should be—a place of safety, growth, and inclusivity.”

In response to Raichik’s attack and transphobic smear, Buttigieg responded, posting to his X account,“As a parent and former teacher, I want qualified people involved in education. This is actually quite simple. Chaya isn’t qualified for her appointed government position. She doesn’t live in Oklahoma. Holds no degree in education. Zero classroom experience. The rest is theatrics.”

Raichik has come under increasing fire for her targeting of educators and accusations that she helped to instigate bomb threats against libraries and schools in the state. She and State Superintendent Ryan Walters have also faced mounting scrutiny for her appointment to a state library advisory committee despite having no relevant educational or professional experience and not being a resident of Oklahoma.

In response to the attacks, Human Rights Campaign National Press Secretary Brandon Wolf posted to X: “Aren’t you a political appointee, a job for which you are totally unfit? I find that alarming.”

The Human Rights Campaign took to its own X account to defend Buttigieg: “‘Journalist’” is generous. You are an internet troll that spends your day terrorizing educators and LGBTQ+ people. Maybe put your phone down and…go outside?”

The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. HRC envisions a world where LGBTQ+ people are embraced as full members of society at home, at work and in every community.


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