As we celebrate two years of nationwide marriage equality here in the U.S., this is a good opportunity to take stock of marriage equality progress around the world.

There are currently 21 countries, including the U.S., that have full marriage equality. Another two countries - Mexico and the United Kingdom - have partial marriage equality. With the exception of South Africa and Taiwan, all countries with marriage equality are located in Europe and the Americas.

The most recent marriage equality victory was in Taiwan. Only weeks ago, Taiwan’s Constitutional Court issued a ruling in favor of marriage equality, paving the way for it to be the first place in Asia to achieve such a victory. The British Overseas Territory of Bermuda also achieved marriage equality last month through a ruling of the country’s top court. And, earlier this year, Finland began allowing same-sex marriages to proceed, two years after the relevant legislation was passed.

Looking forward, marriage equality is on the horizon in many places such as Australia, Chile, and Malta. Marriage equality efforts continue to move ahead in Australia despite the conservative government’s inability to allow a winning vote in parliament. In Chile, President Michelle Bachelet took the first steps towards marriage equality earlier this year. And, just last week, Malta’s newly elected government pledged to push the issue forward - quickly.

As we celebrate the anniversary of marriage equality today in the U.S., we recognize our work is not done until LGBTQ people - wherever they live - are guaranteed full civil rights and equality, including the right to marry whom they love regardless of sexual orientation or gender. HRC remains committed to achieving marriage equality and we look forward to working with activists around the world to achieve it.   

To learn more HRC’s work to advance LGBTQ equality around the globe, click here.

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