This evening, moments before a Rose Garden speech, Trump dispatched heavily armed police and military forces against peaceful protestors. In response, Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David issued the following statement:

“What we heard from the Rose Garden tonight could have come from Bull Connor or George Wallace. Instead, they were the words of Donald Trump. As a reminder, Mr. President, we have a Constitution. We have the right to peacefully protest, even if it interferes with your photo op. We have the right to free speech, even if you don’t like it. We have the rule of law, even if you continue to try to thwart it and deny its application to all. We have the right to liberty and justice for all.

“You cannot silence us, Mr. President, because you don’t like the message or the speaker. This country is not governed by authoritarian rule, despite your best efforts. We are going to advocate and fight for our country and the freedoms our forebearers died for. You will hear us — tonight, tomorrow and on Election Day.”

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