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Post submitted by Brian McBride, former HRC Digital Strategist 

HRC mourns the loss of LGBTQ activist Scout Schultz, who was shot and killed by Georgia Tech campus police over the weekend. 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Schultz, 21, was barefoot and carrying a knife during the incident that happened Saturday evening.  

Schultz was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta where they later died.

The family attorney, Chris Stewart, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he believed Schultz was having a mental breakdown and that Georgia Tech police overreacted by using deadly force.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations has taken over the investigation. While the investigation continues to unfold, Scout’s death underscores the serious need for law enforcement to be trained on de-escalation techniques and interacting with individuals experiencing mental health issues.

Scout leaves a powerful legacy of advocacy and activism behind. The GT Progressive Student Alliance, a progressive student advocacy group on campus, called Schultz an “incredible, inspirational member of our community and a constant fighter for human rights” who was also president of the Pride Alliance at Georgia Tech.

Schultz also used they/them pronouns, according to their Facebook post, which multiple news outlets so far failed to acknowledge.

The group also mentioned there would be a vigil held for Schultz Monday evening at the Georgia Tech Campanile.

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