Post submitted by Ana Hopper, former Workplace Equality Coordinator

Last week, HRC partners Fernando Velázquez and Francisco Robledo hosted the first workplace equality workshop through HRC’s groundbreaking program - HRC Equidad MX: Global Workplace Equality Program. Scotiabank México in Mexico City hosted the workshop, bringing together professionals from Mexico companies to learn about best practices for making their businesses more inclusive for LGBTQ people.

HRC Equidad MX: Global Workplace Equality Program, the first of its kind outside the U.S. for HRC, launched last fall after five years of engagement with civil society, embassies and corporate partners in Mexico. HRC Equidad MX is designed to raise awareness about the importance of LGBTQ diversity and inclusion in Mexico’s workplaces by developing consulting and education models for Mexican companies and organizations. As detailed in HRC Equidad MX’s Spanish-language toolkit, Equidad MX promotes three strategic pillars: adoption of nondiscrimination policies, creation of employee resource groups or diversity and inclusion council, and engagement in public activities to support LGBTQ inclusion.

Fernando Velázquez of FVConsulting – Consultores en Diversidad e Inclusión, S.C and Francisco Robledo of Alianza por la Diversidad e Inclusión Laboral (ADIL) are the renowned HRC Equidad MX partners working on the ground throughout Mexico. Francisco and Fernando led last week’s workshop, which included presentations on HRC Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index as it relates to LGBTQ inclusive workplaces in Mexico, the three pillars of Equidad MX, and a presentation on LGBTQ diversity and inclusion best practices by José Antonio Carranza and Gabriela Torres of Scotiabank México. Héctor Pérez, VP & Managing Director of Corporate Banking, joined the workshop representing the executive group from Scotiabank México confirming the importance of diversity strategies across the company and supporting this initiative. The workshop also had over 60 attendees representing over 30 multinational businesses in many different industries including Oil & Gas, Banking, Finance Services, Insurance Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Retail, Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Computer Services, Electronic Equipment, Telecommunications, Transportation, Chemical and Consulting Services.

For more information about HRC Equidad MX: Global Workplace Equality Program visit:

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