Every year on National Coming Out Day, we celebrate the identities of LGBTQ people and allies. This year, HRC observes the 29th annual National Coming Out Day with the launch of coming out guides and a Spanish-language resource hub. These resources are designed to assist the coming out process for members of the Latinx community and to promote family support and understanding.

HRC’s coming out guides offer an array of resources to help individuals navigate the specific challenges that come with the process for LGBTQ and allied people. It provides helpful tips to stay true to yourself and build a closer and more honest relationship with friends, family and colleagues. These guides also highlight the risks and critical factors that one must consider before coming out in different contexts.

The coming out process for bisexual people, the largest population among the LGBTQ community, can be particularly challenging due the institutionalized stereotypes and skepticism that come with their identities.

In addition to the guides, Recursos en Español de HRC includes original content and resources reflecting the broad range of experiences and needs within the Latinx LGBTQ community and provides support to those working to build inclusive spaces within the Latinx communities in the U.S. and around the world.

Latinx Americans and immigrants come from a variety of cultural backgrounds. The coming out process for these individuals have similar traits and challenges. Some raised Roman Catholic find themselves trying to reconcile their identities and sexual orientations with the church’s teachings. It is also important to note that language differences and limitations often make it difficult to explore LGBTQ topics given the binary nature of the Spanish language.

Despite religious and language barriers, the percentage of Latinx LGBTQ people living in the U.S. has seen the largest increase among racial minorities, from 4.3 to 5.4 percent. HRC’s new effort to reach Spanish-speaking communities aims to bring the Latinx, LGBTQ, immigrant and ally groups closer together to learn more about LGBTQ issues and to advocate for full equality.

To learn more about Recursos en Español, visit hrc.im/Recursos.  

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