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Post submitted by Jay Gilliam, director, HRC Global

HRC Foundation is excited to announce that applications are open to participate in the 2020 Global Innovative Advocacy Summit. Advocates can begin applying now through Nov. 30, 2019, for participation in the next summit.

Applications are available now.

From April 20-23, 2020, HRC will convene the top applicants to join us in Washington, D.C. to share strategies and learn from the innovative ways advocates are working to bring about LGBTQ equality where they live. Applicants are selected because of the passion and drive they bring to their work for equality -- no matter where they come from, their cultural, faith or organizational background, who they love or how they identify and express themselves.

Scholarships to attend will be available for all applicants with need.

As one 2019 Global Innovator noted about their experience: “This space has been really rejuvenating... to feel this incredible sense of solidarity and recognition even though we come from so many different contexts makes me feel part of the same movement. That is really encouraging!

2020 will be the fifth annual Global Summit. Since 2016, the Global Summit has brought together more than 125 established and emerging advocates for the exchange of ideas and practices for advancing LGBTQ equality.

In a dynamic environment, these Global Innovators and HRC staff showcase projects and approaches that improve the lives of LGBTQ people in their countries and communities. Advocates also get space for self-care that renews their energy and drive to continue their work for equality. Global Innovators join an even larger alumni network of HRC Global program participants who continue to engage with HRC and each other to promote LGBTQ equality.

Apply now; don’t wait.

Watch as past HRC Global Innovators share how they are changing the world for LGBTQ people.

Learn more about past Global Summits here. For more information about HRC’s work around the world, visit

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