Post submitted by Jay Gilliam, HRC Senior Global Programs Officer

HRC is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications to participate in the 2019 Global Innovative Advocacy Summit. Applications are open through Nov. 15, 2018 for participation April 22-25, 2019.


Watch 2018 Global Innovators share how they are changing the world for LGBTQ people.

HRC is looking for applicants from all parts of the world who have a track record of innovative advocacy. We look to select 30 applicants that span geography, cultural and organizational diversity, and sexual orientation, gender and gender identity. Scholarships to attend will be available for all applicants with need.

As one 2018 Global Innovator noted about their experience:

The past four days have been absolutely amazing! I have learned so much from each and every single one of [the Global Innovators]. I know personally we are taking away something that is super, super, super huge. I have learned so much, and I am going to use it in my own organization and turn it into something big.

Since 2016, the Global Summit has brought together nearly 100 established and emerging advocates for the exchange of ideas and practices for advancing LGBTQ equality. In a dynamic environment, these Global Innovators, including HRC staff, showcase projects and approaches that improve the lives of LGBTQ people in their countries and communities. 2019 will be the fourth annual Global Summit.

Learn more about past Global Summits here.

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