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More and more, community-specific Pride festivals -- or “affinity Prides” -- are popping up across the country as a way to celebrate the identities of LGBTQ people that too often go unseen, or are erased in the media and in our own communities.

These Prides provide an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the depth and breadth of the diversity of our communities --  from bisexual and transgender people to LGBTQ people of color, and those at the intersections of multiple identities.

Especially now, it’s vital that LGBTQ people and friends come together, remember the struggles we’ve faced and celebrate how far we’ve come. Affinity Prides are an important opportunity to recognize that not everyone within the LGBTQ community has experienced our victories in the same way and benefited from that progress. 

For LGBTQ people who hold multiple marginalized identities, the compounding impact of multiple systems of oppression is real and can be devastating. We have to center their voices and stories as we look to the work that remains in the fight for full equality.

Our rallying cry this year is People. Power. Pride. — because it’s people like you who celebrate your pride in your individuality that give our fight for equality its power.

Last year, HRC was involved in more than 30 affinity Prides, and this year that number continues to grow. HRC members and supporters will be at nearly 50 affinity Prides around the U.S. 

Here are a few highlights from events that have already happened and some we’re looking forward to: 

1. West Hollywood Bisexual Pride, September 2018

2. Mi Existir Es Resistir, May 2019

3. Mohave Pride Festival, June 2019

4. Los Angeles Trans Pride, June 2019

5. Detroit Black Pride: Hotter than July, COMING SOON

June may be almost over, but the celebrations continue. Find HRC at a Pride near you by visiting

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