Transgender singer and songwriter Shea Diamond is the latest artist to join HRC’s Equality Rocks campaign.

In an exclusive HRC video, Diamond talks about how she uses her art to make a statement, especially with transgender social justice issues.

“As an artist now, I think the most rewarding thing I can do is speak to the times now,” she said. “If you listen to your favorite song right now, 20 years from now, would the next generation know that we were struggling and still fighting for rights? Would they know that trans women were being killed at the rate they were being killed? Would they know that we are still living in an age where people are still hiding their truth afraid to be killed? When you can blast something and make a political statement, it means something.”  

HRC’s 22nd annual National Dinner included a beautiful performance from Diamond, who left the room speechless with her song dedicated to transgender people.

“With this climate, with over 20 trans women this year that we know of violently killed, I am more proud of you than I’ve ever been,” Diamond said at the National Dinner. “It is our moral obligation to fight for every single life, and that includes trans lives. Trans lives matter.”

We’re proud to add Diamond’s powerful voice and spirit to HRC’s Equality Rocks campaign, which is sparking a conversation about love, fairness and equality around the globe. To join and learn more, visit

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