American music duo A Great Big World has joined HRC’s Equality Rocks campaign.

After meeting while studying at New York University, Ian Axel and Chad King formed their duo in 2012. The group has toured with a number of prominent musicians, and their songs have been featured on FOX’s musical television series Glee. The group blew up when their single “Say Something” was released in 2013 featuring The Voice’s Christina Aguilera.

Their single “Hold Each Other”, released in 2015 and performed live at HRC’s National Dinner, became a coming out song for band member Chad King, changing the lyrics, “Something happens when I hold her”, to “Something happens when I hold him”. The idea was proposed by his musical partner Ian Axel, and King, who was unsure of the idea at first, eventually decided to make the lyric change. “I have to do this. This is my truth, people will respond to that,” King told 103.7 KVIL. “I know they will and I hope it inspires other people to sing about their own truth or or speak about their own.”

The Equality Rocks campaign is sparking a conversation about love, fairness and equality around the globe. To join, visit

To tune into the artists who rock for equality, including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Florence and the Machine, Phoenix, Sara Bareilles, Tegan and Sara, Sleater-Kinney, and Animal Collective, follow HRC on Spotify now.

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