Supporting and Caring for our Gender-Expansive Youth

Supporting and caring for our gender expansive youth Over the last decade or so, new conversations around gender have been emerging. Increased visibility of children and youth whose gender identities and expressions challenge conventional understandings is teaching us that gender is not as simple as what the doctor declares at birth.

As a consequence, many of society’s practices, policies and institutions are failing to meet the needs of the young people they intend to serve. Perhaps most disheartening, these shortcomings are revealed in the degree to which many youth — particularly those who do not fit our more conventional ideas about gender — feel marginalized, unsafe and less hopeful.

Drawing on survey findings from HRC's groundbreaking survey of over 10,000 LGBT-identified youth, this latest report – produced in partnership with Gender Spectrum – examines the experiences of survey respondents whose gender identities or expressions expand our conventional understanding of gender. It is designed to provide adults with a better understanding of these youth and to help adults find ways to communicate with and support all youth in their lives.

The report also provides information and suggestions for those seeking to increase their comfort and competency with the evolving landscape of gender identity and expression.

Download a PDF of Supporting and Caring for our Gender-Expansive Youth or flip through the virtual issue below.