Supporting and Caring for our Bisexual Youth

Bisexual youth face a unique set of challenges that affect their ability to flourish in their families, schools and communities.

Produced in partnership with BiNet USA, Bisexual Organizing Project and the Bisexual Resource Center, this new report Supporting and Caring for our Bisexual Youth helps paint a clearer picture of the lived experiences of bisexual youth. Learning more about these youth will allow parents, caregivers, social workers, teachers and other youth-serving professionals to more effectively nurture and guide them toward successful and happy futures.

This report draws on results from the Human Rights Campaign's 2012 groundbreaking survey of more than 10,000 LGBT youth, ages 13 - 17, in the United States. This report focuses on the nearly 40 percent of survey participants who identified as bisexual.

Click here to download a one page flyer on the report. Click here to download the full PDF of the report or flip through the digital issue below.