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Thank you for your support of the Human Rights Campaign as an HRC Partner. We understand that these are challenging times — and we are so grateful to have you by our side even when the work and the world get tough.

If you've been impacted by the global pandemic, please consider placing your pledge on hold and resume your giving later in 2020. You can contact our team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by calling 1-800-727-4723.

Please stay healthy in the weeks ahead and reach out to us with any questions.


Caitlin and Kevin
HRC Partners Team

HRC partners

Invest in making LGBTQ equality a national and global priority.

We need you now more than ever. With an ongoing monthly pledge, you can have a major impact by helping the Human Rights Campaign put an end to the discriminatory policies that deny lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people equal protection. While you get to donate hassle-free, receive fewer solicitations, and more benefits, HRC can rely on your continued support every month and at a moment’s notice have the resources we need to move forward and not backwards on LGBTQ equality.

Why it's easy, effective, and safe:

  • Your gift of at least $5 will be charged automatically every month to your credit or debit card, or deducted from your checking account by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which puts more of your pledge dollars to work.
  • Since your donation is processed automatically on or around the 20th of every month, you never have to renew - this means less hassle and less paperwork for you.
  • You will join a community of more than 65,000 dedicated Partners whose contributions build the foundation for HRC’s work. Talk about a major impact for one modest pledge!

Your Membership Benefits

Equality Magazine  

Equality Magazine Subscription

Receive quarterly issues of HRC's politically informative Equality Magazine. Each issue is filled with terrific information on what HRC is doing nationally and locally in the fight for equality, and will contain Partners-specific information in each issue.

Partners Membership Card  

Partners Branded Membership Card

This card, identifying you as an HRC Partner, will be sent to you at the start of each calendar year.


Invitations to HRC Events

Be among the first to hear about HRC events in your area! From monthly socials to bowling to gala dinners, this is a great way to meet other HRC members and supporters in your area.

U.S. Capitol  

Access to HRC Action & Volunteer Programs

Find out about other ways to advance LGBTQ equality by taking action, getting the latest news, getting friends involved, and volunteering at events. Together we’re paving the way toward justice and equality.


E-mail the Way You Like It

With two dedicated full-time staff members, we can assist you with any questions you have about your e-mail subscriptions. Plus, we’ll periodically send updates with important information about your Partners membership.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can't find what you're looking for?
    If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact HRC's dedicated Partners staff by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
  • Is my donation tax deductible?
    Any donations going to the General Fund or PAC support the political work of the Human Rights Campaign, a 501 (c)(4) organization. This work includes lobbying Congress, and therefore, according to U.S. law, your gift can not be tax deductible.
  • Where can I purchase HRC merchandise?
    The Human Rights Campaign has a wide variety of gifts, clothing and other merchandise available online. Visit our store at and show your commitment to equality and the work of HRC by wearing HRC merchandise.

Information for Current Partners

Join a community of more than 65,000 dedicated Partners.

Your monthly pledge helps the Human Rights Campaign put an end to the discriminatory policies that deny lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people.

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