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  • The Keith Williams Law Group Annual Scholarship

    The Keith Williams Law Group Annual Scholarship seeks to help students who have fought through adversity in their lives in order to better themselves through education.  Understanding that, for many possible reasons, not everyone has been a straight A student with perfect test scores, we seek to help those who have had difficulty in school and fought through it—whether it be the result of a difficult home life, socio-economic disadvantages, learning disabilities, ethnic/racial/gender or other biases, just plain stubborn orneriness and misbehavior early in life, or any other reason.

    Whatever issues you have overcome in the past (and might be continuing to overcome at the present), those issues do not determine your future.  We at the Keith Williams Law Group are living proof of that, and the Keith Williams Law Group Annual Scholarship therefore seeks to help you as you work to overcome whatever issues you might have faced and to create a bright, successful future for yourself through education.

    The Keith Williams Law Group Annual Scholarship provides a $1,500 scholarship, with one winner to be chosen each year.  The winner will receive $1,500 to use toward pursuit of their higher education.


    High School seniors who have been accepted to a college or university.
    Currently enrolled students in any college or university, including graduate/professional schools.
    No minimum GPA required to qualify.
    Applicants must have overcome adversity in their lives and difficulty in school.
    One entry per person, per year.

    How To Apply

    Applicants must submit an essay of no more than 800 words written by the applicant that explains the adversity in your life and difficulty in school that you have overcome and fought through to get where you are today, and how your continuing education will help you continue to create your own bright future.
    Submit your essay in the below form. Include your full name, a contact phone number, the name of the high school you are currently attending or graduated from, and the name of the college/university in which you are currently attending or have been accepted into.

    Application Deadlines

    Entries Close December 1, 2019. 

    Winner Announced

    December 15, 2019, The winner will be notified via email and announced on this page.

    Recognition of Winner

    As an additional reward for your hard work, the winners will be recognized on our website with a photo and 500-word bio.  This will allow you, your friends and family one more way to brag on you, as well as provide an opportunity for potential employers to see your accomplishment on the web.

    Contact Information:

    Nashville Office

    511 Union Street #1820, Nashville, TN 37219
    Phone: (615) 313-3999
    Fax: (615) 444-6516

  • Victor Agnoni Visual Arts Foundation - VAVAF

    VAVAF is excited to announce our first scholarship! This scholarship is open for LGBTQ high school seniors entering college with a qualifying visual arts portfolio. Recipient will receive a $1,500 award. Applicant need not major in arts in college. 

    Contact Information:

    P.O. Box 1030
    Winter Park, FL 32790
    United States

    (321) 436-7534

  • Scholarship Essay Writing Contest for Students

    We are extremely excited to announce our first scholarship contest for students, which will be held on an annual basis. We give you an awarded chance to show your writing skills. This scholarship is open for LGBTQ students. 

    Contact Information:

  • The Make It Safe Project Writing Scholarship

    Funds scholarships for writers of stories/poems containing queer and trans characters (under 2,000 words). Winners receives $500 and publication. All queer and trans youth ages 13-18 residing in the United States are eligible to submit.

    Contact Information:

    San Francisco, CA
    United States

  • Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship

    The Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship is open to current high school seniors, and undergraduate college freshman, sophomores and juniors (ages 27 and younger) who demonstrate a commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS and taking on roles of public service and leadership.

    Contact Information:

    P.O. Box 2270
    San Francisco, CA 94126-2270
    United States

    (415) 765-0446

  • Everipedia Tech Titans Diversity Scholarship

    All too often, underrepresented minorities have to work extra hard to gain the same respect / status as a non-minority individual in a similar position. To this end, we at Everipedia have created a list of individuals that we believe deserve recognition for their work. The Everipedia Tech Titans Diversity Scholarship aims to bring awareness and recognition to these men and women working tirelessly across the globe in search of the truth in science and technology.

    Contact Information:

  • My First Blush LGBTQ Leadership Scholarship

    The LGBTQ Leadership Scholarship by My First Blush is a $1,000 to $1,500 grant available to LGBTQIA honors students who have taken action to support or advance the rights of the LGBTQ community. 

    Contact Information:

  • Ramblers Scholarship for Student Athletes

    We're proud to expand the Ramblers family to include student athletes pursuing higher education who are committed to serving the LGBTQI community as either members or demonstrated allies. We hope that this financial support will positively reinforce their pride in our community and will assist them as they follow their educational and career ambitions.
    Awardees receive a one-time scholarship, paid directly to their school, covering tuition and fees. Up to two scholarships of $2,500 each will be awarded and publicly announced by the New York Ramblers Soccer Club. The annual deadline to apply is June 1. 

    Contact Information:

  • Hampton Roads Pride Scholarship

    The Hampton Roads Pride Scholarship program is dedicated to helping students nationwide access educational opportunities regardless of their financial situation.

    -Three $1,600 scholarships available
    -3.0 GPA preferred
    -Social justice work in LGBTQIA community preferred
    -Deadline May 1, 2017

    Contact Information:

    Hampton Roads Pride, P.O. Box 41082,
    Norfolk, Va., 23541-1082

  • Gayborhood Scholarship

    Gayborhood, the nation’s #1 guide to finding LGBT-supportive businesses and events, provides a total of four scholarships per year.  Two $1,000 scholarships are awarded for the Spring and Fall semesters each year to help with the costs associated with continuing education.
    Application Process:
    Submit an essay (500 words maximum) outlining your service and passion for the LGBT community along with full name, mailing address, email address and telephone number via the form below or via postal service to the address outlined below.

    Fall 2018 Application Opens: February 1st, 2018
    Fall 2018 Deadline: April 30th, 2018
    Winner Selected On: June 1st, 2018

    Selection: Once the winners have been selected, they will be notified via telephone or email.  They will then receive a W-9 to complete and return to Gayborhood.  Once the completed W-9 has been received by Gayborhood, scholarship funds will be released via check and mailed to the recipient's address as stated in the application email.

    Contact Information:

    Attn: Scholarship Program
    1575 Northside Drive NW
    Building 300, Suite 330
    Atlanta, GA 30318

  • Simpli Pleasure LGBT Rights Scholarship

    The LGBT Rights Scholarship provided by Simpli Pleasure honors students courage in the face of adversity and discrimination by awarding $1,000 - $1,500 individual grants to LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and ally) activists who have transformed their experiences with bigotry and discrimination into opportunities to inspire others by taking action, rallying support, building community, and working to change the systems and institutions that impact their lives.

    Contact Information:

  • HIV-Positive Scholarship Application offers scholarships throughout the year to college students who are HIV-positive. Scholarship amounts vary between $250 - $5,000 and will depend upon essays submitted as well as the following requirements.

    Contact Information:

  • Go Grad Scholarships and Financial Aid

    There’s no doubt pursuing a graduate degree can be a demanding and intense experience, and navigating your school options can be complicated and challenging. In addition to finding the best degree programs or schools, the rising tuition costs, existing student loan debt or financial constraints can make returning to school feel daunting.

    In this guide, you will find a variety of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) scholarships in popular career fields such as the arts, physical or social sciences, advocacy and education, tips and resources for funding your master’s degree, and a scholarship application checklist to help you succeed in your academic pursuits.

    Contact Information:

  • Papel Family Trust Scholarship

    Two scholarships ($2,500 each) for students who identify as LGBTQ, or whose parent(s) identify as LGBTQ, have completed high school (or the GED), been accepted to part/full-time programs at an accredited institution. (Community college, university, or graduate school level)  

    Contact Information:

    1200 N. La Brea Avenue
    West Hollywood, CA, 90038


  • LGBTQ Liberation Scholarship

    The LGBT Liberation Scholarship honors students' courage in the face of adversity and discrimination by awarding $1,000 - $2,500 individual grants to LGBTQIA activists who have transformed their experiences with bigotry and discrimination into opportunities to inspire others.

    Contact Information:

    365 H Street #18817
    Blaine, WA, 98230



  • Mark J. Glancey and John G. Gray LGBT Scholarship

    $1,000 annual scholarship open to LGBTQ students of any age attending undergrad or grad school the following year regardless of grades, academic program or financial need. Applicants must submit a 550 word essay explaining career, academic and/or vocational goals, as well as their plans to achieve them.

    Contact Information:

  • Naughty North’s LGBTQ+ Scholarship Program

    High school, undergrad or grad students who have have taken action to support LGBTQ issues are welcome to apply. One (1) winner will recieve $1,000 to go toward furthering their education. 

    The deadline is June 30.

    Contact Information:

  • TSER Trans Visibility Scholarship

    The Trans Student Visibility Scholarship highlights the activism of one trans youth who has made significant change to the trans community through visibility or media-based organizing.

    • Has made contributions to the trans community through visibility/media work

    Contact Information:

  • TSER Trans Student of Color Scholarship

    The Trans Student of Color Scholarship highlights the activism of trans youth of color whose work focuses on intersection of race and gender identity and is working to end racism and transphobia.

    • Is a trans person of color
    • Has made contributions to the trans people of color community

    Contact Information:

  • TSER Trans Activism Scholarship

    The Trans Activism Scholarship highlights the activism of trans students whose work has helped make it better for other trans students.

    General Eligibility Rules and Requirements:
    • Student will be enrolled in an accredited nonprofit United States college for the 2015-2016 school year (you may also request deferment for up to 1 year).
    • Openly identifies as trans, gender diverse, two spirit, Hijra, and/or within the trans community (please contact us if you feel that you/your identity should also be included in this list)
    • Has made contributions to the trans community in some way
    • Is not someone and is not related to someone who works at or volunteers for Trans Student Education Resources (TSER)
    • Can be documented or undocumented

    Contact Information:

  • Gamma Mu Foundation Scholarships

    The Gamma Mu Foundation awards $19,000 in individual scholarships to gay men who want to continue their education beyond high school at a college, university, or through a vocational or professional training program. The program supports a wide range of educational options, including vocational and technical training, as well as Associate's, Bachelor's and graduate degrees. The deadline is March 31.

    Contact Information:

    The Gamma Mu Foundation
    PO Box 23520
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33307-3520

  • The Bill and Ann Shepherd Legal Scholarship Fund

    The Bill and Ann Shepherd Legal Scholarship provides financial assistance to third-year and fourth-year law students who wish to advance equal rights and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

    Contact Information:


  • GLBT of Hunterdon County of NJ Scholarship Essay

    A $500 college scholarship will be given to an entering college freshman of fall 2015, and made out to the entering college with the students name. Essay topics include: Where would you want to see the GLBT community progress to in 10 years? What prominent member of the GLBT community inspired you the most and why?

    Contact Information:


  • UMKC LGBTQIA Leadership Scholarship

    The UMKC LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and ally) Leadership Scholarship supports all students regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and sex, who are or will be enrolled in any degree program at UMKC.

    Contact Information:

    5100 Cherry St. Suite 320
    Kansas City, MO 64114
    United States


  • Women in Medicine Leadership Scholarship

    Women in Medicine will present three $5,000 academic scholarships for LGBTQ female medical students enrolled in allopathic or osteopathic medical schools. Applicants should be in good academic standing, and have actively contributed/demonstrated leadership for the LGBTQ community.

    Contact Information:

    Women in Medicine, Inc. P. O. Box 107
    Colchester, VT 05446
    United States

  • Audre Lorde Scholarship Fund

    The Audre Lorde Scholarship Awards are designed to recognize out* black lesbians making significant contributions to their communities. ZAMI NOBLA wants to support and encourage their continuing education by providing scholarships to those women enrolled in accredited technical, undergraduate and graduate programs.

    *Out is defined as an acknowledgement of lesbian identify to self, and to family, friends, and community.

    Contact Information:

  • Colin Higgins Youth Courage Awards

    Each year, the Colin Higgins Foundation salutes and celebrates courage in the face of adversity and discrimination by awarding $10,000 individual grants to:

    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two Spirit, Queeand Questioning youth activists 
    (through age 20) who have transformed their experiences with bigotry and discrimination into opportunities to inspire others by taking action, rallying support, building community, and working to change the systems and institutions that impact their lives.

    Colin Higgins Youth Courage Award winners receive: an individual grant of $10,000; a trip to Los Angeles for an honorary celebration with special guests; and an all expenses-paid trip to attend the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change presented by the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce in 2015.

    Contact Information:

    55 Exchange Place, Suite 402
    New York, New York 10005

  • Stonewall Levin-Goffee Scholarship

    The Levin-Goffe Scholarship Fund was established to cover up to two years of schooling for immigrants here in New York City who identify as LGBTQI. Scholarships from this fund are intended to provide a measure of economic stability for those who stand at the intersection of marginalization that can be created by being both LGBTQI and an immigrant.

    Contact Information:

    446 W. 33rd St., 6th Floor, New York, NY 10001

    (212) 367-11

  • The LGBTQ Diversity Scholarship at Teachers College

    Today we are experiencing a shift in social strutures as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations advocate for full acceptance in societies across the globe. With this comes the need for increased awareness and education ont he issues affecting the LGBTQ community from both an individual and socal context. The LGBTQ diversity Scholarship will award $18,000 in tuition assistance to selected recipients who demonstrate a commitment to research and practice surrounding LGBTQ issues and awareness.

    Contact Information:

    525 West 120th Street
    New York, NY 10027


  • The Diversity in Teacher Education Fellowship Award

    Teachers College ahs created a unique opportunity for graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, as part of our dedication to recruiting, training, and supporting excellence in teacher education to achieve social and educational equity in America. 

    The Diversity in Teacehr Education Fellowship awards full tuition scholarships to up to three graduates from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), who best demonstrate an outstanding commitment to teacher education in urban areas. 

    To submit an appliation for consideration to the fellowship, you need to complete

    - TC Online Application

    - Personal Statement

    - TC Scholarship Application

    Contact Information:

    Teacehrs College, Columbia Univeristy
    Office of Enrollment Services
    525 W. 120th Street, Bx 303
    New York, NY 10027


  • Pink Ink: High School Seniors Essay Contest

    The purpose of the high school seniors English essay contest is to promote effective writing by, about, and/or for queer youth.

    Contact Information:

  • Social Work Scholarship

    Social Work Scholarship for LGBTQ students enrolled or admitted to a Council on Social Work Education baccalaureate or masters program in social work. Students in a doctoral program in Social Work can also apply. Preference given to students of color.

    Contact Information:

  • Speak Out Against Prejudice Scholarship

    Awards $5,000 to students pursuing careers that will affect positive change for the LGBT community by combatting bullying.  Relevant disciplines include LGBT Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, among others.  Money is awarded towards non-tuition purposes such as living expenses, textbooks, and other school supplies.

    Contact Information:

  • National AIDS Memorial Grove Young Leaders Scholarship Program

    Awards up to $2,500 to high school seniors or college undergraduates who have demonstrated leadership in HIV/AIDS awareness and advocacy.

    Contact Information:

    National AIDS Memorial Grove
    c/o Steve Sasager
    PO Box 2270
    San Francisco, CA 94124-2270


  • The Joshua Dunning Powell (JDP) Scholarship

    The scholarship is intended to help Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) students who are in need of financial support to defray the cost of a college education.

    Contact Information:

    Pride Center of the Capital Region
    P.O. Box 131
    Albany, NY 12201


  • National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals

    These scholarships are intended for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering,or mathematics (STEM) programs who are either lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) or an active ally of the LGBT community.

    Contact Information:

    Scholarship Committee
    PO Box 91803
    Pasadena CA 91109

  • American Atheists Gay/Lesbian College Scholarship

    Funds scholarships for students who are atheists, awarded primarily based on activism.

    Contact Information:

    P.O. Box 5733
    Attn: Scholarship
    Parsippany, NJ 7054


  • Bisexual Foundation Scholarship Award

    The Bisexual Foundation Scholarship is an annual fund awarding up to $1000 per award to selected graduate students to advance research on the psychology of bisexuality. This new award recognizes the growing importance of research on bisexuality to the field of LGBT issues in psychology and offers concrete support and encouragement to emerging scholars in this field. Applicants must be currently enrolled full-time in a Department of Psychology at the graduate level. Applications from students in allied disciplines, such as social work and sociology, cannot be considered at this time.

    Contact Information:

  • APIQWTC Scholarship

    Funds two $400 scholarships for Asian Pacific Islander lesbian, bisexual, or queer women or transgender individuals pursuing technical/professional training or higher education.

    Contact Information:

  • Deaf Queer Youth Scholarship

    Funds a $500 scholarship for deaf lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer students who are out about their sexual orientation/identity. Candidates must be currently enrolled in high school or college, be under the age of 25, and have a minimum 2.5 GPA. US Citizenship is required. Deaf Queer youth of color are especially encouraged to apply. Selection is based on a written or video essay.

    Contact Information:

  • The Gregory Sprague

    The Gregory Sprague Prize is awarded every other year to a graduate student for the best graduate paper on LGBTQ history.

    Contact Information:

  • BATTELLE/NOGLSTP Out to Innovate Scholarships

    Funds scholarships for LGBT or ally students currently enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics related fields.

    Contact Information:

  • Chrysler Fund Reaching Out MBA Scholarship

    Funds scholarships nationwide for LGBT first year students enrolled or planning to enroll in a two-year graduate business school program.

    Contact Information:

  • Association of Latino Men in Action Scholarship

    Gives two $1,000 scholarships to qualifying men who identify as gay, bisexual, queer, or transgender. Recipients must also be Illinois residents and of Latino/Hispanic origin or heritage.

    Contact Information:

  • Wayne F. Placek Grants

    Funds various grants nationwide for graduate, pre- and post-doctoral scientific research on issues of concern for lesbians, gay men & bisexuals.

    Contact Information:

    American Psychological Foundation
    750 First St., NE
    Washington, DC 20002-4242


  • Traub-Dicker Rainbow Scholarship

    Awards three $3,000 scholarships to lesbian-identified students in two categories: 1) Graduating high school seniors who plan on attending a recognized college or university; and, 2) Already matriculated college students in any year of study, including graduate school.

    Contact Information:

    Traub-Dicker Rainbow Scholarship, Stonewall Community Foundation
    119 West 24th Street
    New York, New York 10011-1995


  • Tom Steel Post-Graduate Fellowship

    Funds scholarships for public interest law projects for law students eligible to graduate in the spring or lawyers who are within 3 years of graduating from law school.

    Contact Information:

    Pride Law Fund
    P.O. Box 2602
    San Francisco, CA 94126-2602


  • Tidal Wave Scholarship Fund

    These $1000 scholarships will be awarded to GLBT students, as well as to students of GLBT parents, who can demonstrate financial need, as well as a background of positive contribution to their local GLBT community.

    Contact Information:

    3467 Foxcroft Circle
    Oviedo, FL 32765

  • The Ruth Benedict Prize

    The Ruth Benedict Prize is presented each year at the American Anthropological Association’s annual meeting to acknowledge excellence in a scholarly book written from an anthropological perspective about a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered topic. The Ruth Benedict Prize is awarded in each of two separate categories: one for a single-authored monograph and another for an edited volume. Submissions may be on any topic related to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgendered people, or other gender / sexual formations and categories from any world culture area. Topics may include the study of normativity, queer theory, and the social/historical construction of sexual and gender identities, discourses and categories. Authors may represent any scholarly discipline, but the material submitted must engage anthropological theories and methods.

    Contact Information:

  • Point Foundation

    First established in 2001, Point Foundation is the nation’s largest scholarship-granting organization to LGBTQ high school, college and university students.
    Through mentorship, leadership development and community service, Point Foundation seeks to empower promising LGBTQ students to achieve their full potential despite the obstacles often put before them. Point Scholarships are awarded on a "last provider" basis. In other words, Point Foundation fills in the gaps and provides funds not provided by other scholarships, grants, loans, work/study programs.

    Contact Information:

    5757 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 370
    Los Angeles, CA 90027


  • The Harry Bartel Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Funds gay male students who are 23 years or younger with a record of community service

    Contact Information:

  • The Gene and John Athletic Scholarship

    Offers scholarships of $2,500 and $5,000 with a reliable pool of resources (both monetary and community-based)to gay and lesbian athletes looking to continue their education while pursuing athletics in order to help them reach their potential and realize their dreams.

    Contact Information:

    Gene and John Athletic Fund of Stonewall Community Foundation
    119 West 24th Street
    New York, New York 10011

  • Roy Scrivner Memorial Research Grants

    The Roy Scrivner Research Grants provide graduate student grants for empirical or applied research that encourages the study of LGBT family psychology and LGBT family therapy. Strong preference given to dissertation candidates.

    Contact Information:

  • The Bee Winkler Weinstein Fund

    Funds young women whose own families have withdrawn emotional and/or financial support because of their sexual and/or gender identity by providing grants covering vocational/technical training, licensing fees, college application fees and the like.

    Contact Information:

    Bee's Fund
    119 West 24 Street
    New York, New York 10011

  • Queer Foundation Scholarship

    The Queer Foundation Scholarship Fund promotes effective writing by, about, and/or for queer youth. The Queer Foundation offers to the winners of each year's essay contest $1,000 scholarships to the U.S. college or university of their choice to study queer theory or related fields.

    Contact Information:

    Joseph Dial, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
    3213 W Wheeler St., #145
    Seattle, WA 98199


  • Pride Law Fund Fellowships

    Funds scholarships nationwide for law students working under the supervision of an attorney at a 501c(3) tax exempt non-profit organization anywhere in the country.

    Contact Information:

    P.O. Box 2602
    San Francisco, CA 94126-2602


  • PFLAG National Scholarships Program

    Funds scholarships for LGBT and Allied graduating high school seniors entering higher education who have demonstrated an interest in service to the LGBT community.

    Contact Information:

    Suzanne Greenfield, Safe Schools Coordinator
    1726 M St. NW, Suite 400
    Washington, DC 20036


  • Out to Protect Scholarship

    Awards a $500 Law Enforcement Scholarship to LGBT individuals or straight allies pursuing a career in law enforcement as a means of supporting "out" individuals serving as positive role models in law enforcement.

    Contact Information:

  • NWSA Women’s/Gender Studies Student Scholarships and Awards Lesbian Caucus Scholarship

    The purpose of the annual NWSA Lesbian Caucus Award is to provide a $500 research award in recognition of a Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation research project that resonates with the mission of NWSA and the goals of the Lesbian Caucus.

    Contact Information:

    National Women's Studies Association
    11 E Mount Royal Ave., Suite 100
    Baltimore, MD 21202


  • NLGLA Michael Greenberg Student Writing Competition

    Awards scholarships to law students writing about cutting edge legal issues affecting the LGBT and/or intersex community.

    Contact Information:

    601 13 St, N.W., #1170 South
    Washington, DC 20005-3823


  • NLGJA Leroy F. Aarons Scholarship Award

    Funds $5000 scholarship for an LGBT student planning to pursue a career in journalism. Applicant must attend or plan to attend a U.S. community college or four-year university.

    Contact Information:

    National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association
    1420 K St NW, Suite 910
    Washington, DC 20005

  • NLGJA Kay Longcope Scholarship Award

    Funds scholarship for an LGBT person of color planning to pursue a career in journalism. Applicants must attend or plan on attending a U.S. community college or four-year university.

    Contact Information:

    National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association
    1420 K St NW, Suite 910
    Washington, DC 20005

  • NGPA Education Fund Scholarships

    Funds scholarships for members of the gay and lesbian community who are pursuing careers as professional pilots.

    Contact Information:

    PO Box 7271
    Dallas, TX 75209-0271


  • Michael Greenberg Student Writing Competition

    Writing competition open to all students attending an ABA-accredited law school. Applicants must submit a paper on a cutting edge legal issue affecting the LGBTI community.

    Contact Information:

  • Messenger-Anderson Journalism Scholarship

    Funds scholarships for GLBT students pursuing a degree and/or career in journalism.

    Contact Information:

    80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1504
    New York, NY 10038

  • Malyon-Smith Scholarship Award

    The Malyon-Smith Scholarship is named for two founding past-presidents of the Division, the late Alan Malyon and the late Adrienne Smith. It is a fund that annually awards up to $1000 to selected graduate students in psychology to advance research in the psychology of sexual orientation and gender identity. The award represents one of the Division's major efforts to mentor and support science in LGBT psychology by encouraging the work of young researchers. Faculty members are strongly encouraged to inform students of this award so that we can continue to insure the future of LGBT research in psychology. Applicants must be currently enrolled full-time in a Department of Psychology at the graduate level. Applications from students in allied disciplines, such as social work and sociology, cannot be considered at this time.

    Contact Information:

  • Live Out Loud Educational Scholarship

    Funds scholarships for graduating seniors who identify as LGBT and are pursuing higher education.

    Contact Information:

    P.O. Box 312
    New York, NY 10113


  • LGBT Foreign Affairs Scholarship

    A $2,500 scholarship for a disadvantaged student who plans to intern in a foreign affairs-related field.

    Contact Information:

  • LEAGUE Foundation Scholarship

    The Laurel Hester Memorial Scholarship (1 award annually) typically $2,500
    The Matthew Shepard Memorial Scholarship (1 award annually) typically $2,500
    The LEAGUE Foundation Scholarship (up to 5 awards annually) typically $1,500

    Contact Information:

    LEAGUE Foundation
    208 S Akard Street Room 251012
    Dallas, TX 75202

  • Kenneth W. Payne Student Prize Competition

    The Kenneth W. Payne Student Prize is presented each year by the Association for Queer Anthropology (AQA) to a graduate or undergraduate student in acknowledgement of outstanding anthropological work on 1) a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered topic, or 2) a critical interrogation of sexualities and genders more broadly defined. Papers are judged according to the following criteria: use of relevant L/G/B/T/Q and/or feminist anthropological theory and literature, potential for contribution to and advancement of queer studies and our understanding of sexualities worldwide, attention to difference (gender, class, race, ethnicity, nation), originality, organization and coherence, and timeliness.

    Contact Information:

  • Jeremy D. Protas LGBT Patent Law Scholarship

    This scholarship awards $1000 to a well-qualified LGBT candidate interested in pursuing a career in patent law. Applicants must be a second-year law student (or third year part time) and be eligible to take the patent bar exam.

    Contact Information:

  • KarMel Scholarship

    Awards scholarships for written or artistic work on a GLBT topic.

    Contact Information:

    P.O. Box 70382
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086

  • Gammu Mu Foundation Scholarships

    Funds scholarship for gay men who are either living in or have come from a rural area and plan to attend a post-secondary institution or a vocational program.

    Contact Information:

  • Dr Alma S. Adams Scholarship for Outreach and Health Communications

    Awards $5,000 annually for up to two candidates pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies who have demonstrated a commitment to community service or used the visual arts or media to convey culturally-appropriate health messages on behalf of a disadvantaged population.

    Contact Information:

    Adams Scholarship Fund
    1724 Massachusetts Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20036


  • Fund for Lesbian and Gay Scholarships (FLAGS)

     This fund provides financial assistance to gay, lesbian, and bisexual
                                    students involved in the community. The scholarship amount varies and
                                    depends on financial need. The deadline is mid-September for the current
                                    school year. 
                                    The fund's Youth Project Scholarship Program also awards grants to
                                    tenth and eleventh graders who plan to pursue postsecondary education.
                                    The scholarship is awarded based on financial need, academic
                                    achievement, and school or community involvement. The scholarship
                                    amount varies. The deadline is mid-January.
                                    For more information about either of these programs, or an application,
                                    send a self-addressed stamped envelope to
                                    The Scholarship Fund
                                    PO Box 48320
                                    Los Angeles, CA 90048-0320
                                    Phone: 1-213-650-5752

    Contact Information:

    P.O. Box 48320
    Los Angeles, CA 90048-0320


  • Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

    Funds needs-based scholarships for students actively working toward peace and justice at an accredited institution.

    Contact Information:

    P.O. Box 7307
    New York, NY 10116-7307

  • Committee on LGBT History

    The $200 Joan Nestle Prize is awarded every other year for the best undergraduate paper on LGBTQ history. The Gregory Sprague Prize is awarded every other year to a graduate student.

    Contact Information:

    Harvard University
    Barker Center, 12 Quincy Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138


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