WorthIt: HRC’s LGBTQ+ Financial Wellness Platform

Produced by the HRC Foundation

WorthIt is a digital wellness platform that inspires and motivates LGBTQ+ folks to improve their financial health and well-being.

LGBTQ+ people have traditionally been left out of the financial health conversation, and many folks in the community face unique financial challenges as a result.

The HRC Foundation has created WorthIt to provide LGBTQ+ adults with greater access to financial education and resources. By using WorthIt, you will be provided with community-centered information and guidance along with solutions-focused assessments of your own financial wellness and individualized feedback for growth.

Watch this 1-minute video about the platform to learn more.

When you create a free account, you will gain access to an individualized plan that takes your personal experiences into consideration and helps you reach your financial goals. Plus, you gain access to information and countless tools and resources to give you confidence and know-how, no matter where you are in life.

We know you’re worth it, so that’s why everything is curated for the LGBTQ+ experience to help you make the financial decisions that are right for your life.


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Next Level Program

Next Level is the HRC Foundation’s twelve week wellness, job readiness and financial health program for LGBTQ+ adults ages 18-30. The program centers on the lived experiences of Black and Brown and trans and non-binary community members and provides knowledge and skills to navigate biased systems and gain more economic stability.

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